Colmore food fair

Once again it’s that time of year. Time to enjoy Michelin star quality food for only £4.00 , time to enjoy the award winning Colmore food fair.

There is a reason this is the most popular food fair in Birmingham. That’s because it’s a terrific food fair.

All dishes cost £4.00 and the list of wonderful establishments that are there to offer us their fantastic food just keeps growing. This years new additions were Adams restaurant and loki Wine.

As well as terrific food, drinks and sunshine, celebrity guests giving chats and demonstrations and live music we had a bubble lady, a brass band and giant pigeons. This is all free and alway well attended.

We arrived shortly after opening, which was 11.00 and we were there before 11.30 as we really, really wanted to get a portion of Adams Crab salad, and it was well worth arriving early for. Light and flavoursome with some crunch and of course available for a tiny £4.00 this crab was my favourite foodie treat of the day.

As always there was plenty going on and our first stop was for a drink. I chose a cider from Pure bar. The temperatures reached beyond 30 Celsius on Saturday, not high you may think, but for this Northern Europe island, that is plenty high enough. I saw plenty of red skin and that wasn’t all on the prawns!

Speaking of which, the black risotto with prawn was also very popular. The queue for Jailbird and their food was proving incredibly popular. Helped a lot by the scratchcards that gave customers various little treats, we had a free cocktail on one of our scratch cards and £10.00 off any meal over £50.00 so are definitely planning a return visit to this newest of cocktail bars, but I digress.

All the children, me included, seemed to gravitate towards the bubble lady. She was lovely and we did tell her so. Unfortunately Mr. Red said he liked her “bubbly personality ” it’s my fault, I encourage him!

We had a selection of always wonderful dim sum from Chung Ying Central. It’s a first class restaurant and right up there in our top ten eateries in Birmingham. Drizzled with chilli oil and a generous dollop of sweet chilli sauce we opted for vegetarian spring roll and tempura prawns.

I have to admit, that for as much as I enjoy eating vegetarian food most of the time, I really wanted to treat myself to a piece of steak from Goucho and I’m so glad I did.

Whilst I was enjoying sweet, succulent and perfectly seasoned steak, served with creamed corn (just describing it is actually making my mouth water) Mr. Red opted for some Eggy crumpets. Ok, it was also lovely, but I definitely enjoyed my slab of cow much more.

Mr. Reds eggy crumpet had beautifully tasty halloumi, salad leaves and tangy dressing.

Another round of drinks. This time some lovely rum based cocktails from Alchemist. Served of course with all the theatre we expect, bubbling dry ice and fruit do make for lovely grown up drinks.

I did love the band. They were incredibly “New Orleans ” in their music style, wandering about the food lovers rather than appearing on stage.

I enjoyed watching the “how to truly appreciate wine like an adult” (ok, that may not have been the actual name of it) but Loki wine gave an interesting demonstration. We ate loads, and I’m ashamed to say, I even ate some dishes without giving a thought to taking a photo. So, thank you Old Contemptables for serving gin & tonic pork sausages which I loved, and veggie sausages which Mr. Red loved and we were both surprised at how well they went with mashed potatoes and gravy on one of the hottest days of the year so far! We even had someone stop us to ask where we got our scrummy sausages from. I’m sorry I didn’t photograph them.

I’m already looking forward to next year.

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    Colmore Food Festival……Birmingham’s finest chefs showcase their skills in the Central Business District around Colmore Row…….From Glynn Purnell to Adam’s Restaurant where else can Brummies find the finest dining at 4 quid a throw…….? #BrumIsBrill


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