Vegetarian lasagna

The country is in the grip of a worldwide pandemic.

Life may never be the same again, but last night I created my favourite ‘compost’ dinner. Veggie lasagna. Why compost dinner I hear you ask? The answer is simple, any recipe where I use food stuff about to end up in the compost, so anything nearing its end but still perfectly edible I use! Be it a compost soup or stew or curry or as in last nights dinner lasagna.

I had received my organic veggie box and as it included some wild garlic I decided that was the perfect ingredient to make a warming and hearty lasagna.

I start by chopping all the veggies to equal size small dice, I fry the onions in a little oil and butter. I used a dribble of rape seed oil, but it really doesn’t matter what you use. The joy of this recipe is you can use up anything you have composting in the bottom of your fridge or in your vegetable rack.

When the onions have softened I added some carrot then courgette, red bell pepper, a huge amount of garlic paste, tomato purée. Add any veggies you have, peas, sweet corn, fresh, frozen, tinned beans, green beans, sweet potato, mushrooms, nothing is wrong. If you have it, use it. It will either taste fabulous or you’ll never use it again.

When the veg are cooking, add mixed herbs, I like the Italian herb mix that I buy from my supermarket. I also like to add wine, but honestly if you don’t want to add any alcohol then skip that, your lasagna will still be wonderful. Season with salt and pepper and add a tin of tomatoes, whole or chopped, either is fine, then reduce over a low heat. If I want to make a bigger lasagna, I add a jar of Passata here but for the two of us, one tin of tomatoes and a tin of water is enough.

Be imaginative, add stock cubes, wine, whole garlic cloves, frozen veg, fresh tomatoes, really it’s about what you have available and what you like.

Then start to build your lasagna. A layer of this beautiful veg ragout then a layer of lasagne sheets, a

layer of cheese sauce then more pasta sheets, I chopped my wild garlic up and added it with the spinach layer. So my lasagna was ragu, pasta, spinach, pasta, cheese sauce and repeat.

Finish your lasagna with cheese sauce and a good sprinkle of grated cheese. I have a good selection of cheeses in my fridge at all time so I used some Parmesan and some nutty Red Leicester, probably something an Italian would frown upon, but I like the flavour and Red Leicester does melt and toast beautifully.

Oven baked for about 40 minutes I had a wonderfully warming dish and it keeps well too. You can make this and keep in the fridge for a day so all you have to do is pop it in the oven.

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