Fazenda. Rodizio Bar & Grill

I was invited to try the new bar menu at Fazenda on Colmore Row, along with several other food writers.

Specialists in Argentinian and Brazilian Rodizio, we had been invited to sample the new bar snacks menu and what an absolute delight the entire event was.

The food was outstanding and we (Mr Red and myself) had initially said we would return within the week, such was the quality of the food and drinks.

Unfortunately I’ve been a bit too ill to venture out this last few days but a return visit is certainly coming soon and I shall write about the rodizio (basically South American barbecue) which is a favourite of mine. Obviously Ol Red is a vegetarian/pescatarian But never fear he was very well catered for.

Located in a beautiful building and with some really interesting architectural features, this is an impressive venue. We arrived to a chilled glass of sparkling wine and then had cocktails before the arrival of the food. Fazenda also has a full cocktail menu, should you just want to call in for after work drinks. Now as I said, we were only trying the bar snacks rather than the full on barbecue experience, but don’t think this was a scotch egg or a plate of loaded chips, no, we had such delights as….

Papas Criollas

Papas Criollas (£4.50) which contains potatoes, peppers fried egg and chimichurri. Or how about Empanadas de Wagyu (£6.00) which, as the name suggests are tiny beef filled pastries. Or my favourite of the night, Bolinho Preto (£6.00) cod fitters with squid ink.

Bolinho Preto

The menu is split into two halves, Argentinian and Brazilian. Both sides are very similar but I definitely preferred the Brazilian food choices.

the wine cellar.

We were given a tour of the building, which has a huge restaurant and even had the chance to check out the wine cellar. I must admit we had the most delicious bottle of Malbec with our food and it really was the perfect wine choice. It complimented the rich, tasty food but was also a very easy drinking red. I could easily finish a bottle of that in one meal.

As with all good dining experience the company really did help, this restaurant has a lively atmosphere which lends its self perfectly to group dining, but I’d be more than happy to make this a regular for date night.

We had an absolutely splendid night at Fazenda, I’m already very excited to visit again. With terrific food, great service and delicious cocktails, I imagine this is going to fast become incredibly popular, so if you prefer to book in advance you can use their Website which has booking options and phone numbers for all five uk branches.

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