Joseph and the amazing technicolour dream coat. At Birmingham Hippodrome.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. With lyrics by Tim Rice, Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and directed by Bill Kenwright has just left Birmingham Hippodrome. We bought tickets last year for Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat, but finally on a Saturday in July we got to see this magnificent show.

Staring Jaymi Hensley in the titular role and Trina Hill as the narrator we enjoyed this all singing, all dancing spectacular more than I can really convey with mere words.

photo courtesy of Birmingham Hippodrome website.

It tells the bible story of Joseph, who’s brothers plotted to kill their fathers favourite son, but in the end sold him into slavery. Joseph can Interpret dreams and after forewarning the pharaoh that a famine is about to hit Egypt, Joseph goes on to become the pharaohs right hand man and the family are reunited.

Photo courtesy of Birmingham Hippodrome website.

As always this is a ridiculously extravagant show and we loved every minute. Jaymi Hensley as the eponymous character is absolutely perfectly cast, young, handsome and talented with an obvious passion for his craft. I last saw him in December in Peter Pan.

All of the cast were amazing and I could write about how Henry Metcalf as Jacob had a subtle charm, or Alex Hetherington as sweet Benjamin was so endearing or Lewis Asquith as Simeon was flamboyant but the show doesn’t need me to sell it. It has a massive fan base.

Photo courtesy of Birmingham Hippodrome website.

We had booked for the matinee performance and as I had agreed to pick up our tickets from the box office and as I had booked almost a full year ago I had forgotten what time we was due to be at the Hippodrome. So a quick internet search told me the matinee was a 2.00 start. So we arrived around 1.20 to pick up our tickets, have a drink and just enjoy the ambiance, only to find we had a 5.00 pm show time. No worries. The staff were an absolute delight and even tried to get us in to the already sold out 2pm show but we were more than happy to mooch around Southside as there was more than enough happening to keep us entertained.

Photo courtesy of Birmingham Hippodrome website.

I really was a wonderful show and it was so hard not to sing along with the songs. I’m sure everyone know the likes of Any Dream Will Do, but there is also One More Angel in Heaven, Benjamin Calypso and my favourite Close Every Door.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat is pure escapism in its finest and with such a magnificent heritage it will never disappoint. One of my favourite musicals, I would happily see this every night and will always get tickets to see this if it’s close to me.

My granddaughter enjoyed the show too. Inside the Hippodrome.

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