Fifty years since the moon landings.

As a small child of 5, I remember my dad cuddling me close on his knee and telling me “Gold, you must watch this, and you must remember it. You are watching history and one day you’ll tell your children about this, one day you’ll tell your grandchildren, you saw the first man walk on the moon”

Fifty years later and we’re not quite holidaying on the moon or having trips to far flung planets but I still remember that July day in 1969 when we did land on the moon. … and so does Birmingham Southside as they were having a celebration of all things extra terrestrial.

With loads of street theatre, dance and even the Astronauts Caravan offering stomach churning rides, Southside celebrations were a fabulous way to mark those first pioneers.

I told my granddaughter the story from the top of this post, and it’s actually quite sad that I saw men walk on the moon, but she hasn’t.

I really thought we would all be living like the Jetsons by the year 2019.


    1. Thank you so much. I’m sure your dad will be in your heart this year for the big 50th celebration of the moon landing.
      My favourite music is any 80’s and would involve Culture Club , Wham, Queen and Duran Duran. I love a good sing-along tune.
      I think it’s lovely that you had moon themed birthdays.


  1. There’s always something exciting happening in your home! You’re so lucky. I want to visit Birmingham now. Maybe you’d like to be my person guide?

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