Feeding the big cats at West Midlands Safari Park.

Mr. Red and I have been really busy of late, having some work done on the house and I’ve really neglected this page. For that I apologise, but to make up for all the mess, noise and interruptions to life with builders Mr. Red sent me to West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley to feed the big cats.

I don’t need to say too much, it’s the photos that do the talking, but should you fancy feeding the lions, tigers and cheetahs or just fancy a day at a safari park you will find all the details Here

I arrived at 8.30and had a very knowledgeable guide in the form of David, who talked to me about the animals, the park and the history of the park and the house.


We have often visited West Midlands safari park with our grandchildren so we know just what a fun day out it is. But getting this close to the big cats is something else.

The tigers were incredibly shy, the white tigers were very relaxed, I felt I could have got in with them and had a cuddle! The lionesses were playful, friendly and inquisitive and the lions were scaredy cats but the cheetahs were scary. One in particular was quite vocal, hissing and spitting until he got his piece of meat. Of course cheetahs are known for their speed and the speed his paws moved as he tried to swipe at the meat I was offering was truly phenomenal.

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