Cappadocia. Turkish restaurant.

Mr. Red and I went on a date last week and I chose the destination. I chose to take us to Cappadocia in the jewellery quarter as I had really enjoyed the food there so much on my last visit and knew my lovely husband would really appreciate the great flavours, generous portions and intimate atmosphere here.

Located at 33 Fredrick Street Cappadocia serves wonderful Turkish cuisine. The menu is huge, so there really is something for everyone, with a vegetarian section, a seafood section and a children’s menu all available alongside salads, casseroles, grilled meats and of course Turkish kebabs.

I really must recommend the Turkish wine, it’s such a perfect accompaniment to the food no matter what you choose to eat. Light, fresh and slightly zesty, this flavoursome wine was the perfect start to date night.

We were tucked towards the back of the restaurant in a nice quiet corner where we were able to hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes. This really is a lovely romantic venue.

We started with the delicious fresh bread that is baked in the kitchens here every day. I normally pass on bread, it’s far too filling and I’d much rather fill up on something with more flavour but the fresh bread here is too nice to say no to. So I had my share of it and enjoyed dipping into the spiced chilli dip and the cooling yoghurt with cucumber.

We have been reducing our consumption of meat a lot and I must admit we have jumped into the Veganuary bandwagon, and although Cappadocia do have a good vegetarian section on the menu for date night we decided to have the very meaty sharing platter.

The sharing platter consists of a bed of rice and bulgar with lamb ribs, chicken wings, chicken skewers and lamb skewers all finished off with some grilled peppers and tomatoes . Jam packed with flavours and with more than enough food for the two of us this phenomenal sharing plate is also great value at a wallet busting £29.90

The meats were all a delight, they were tasty and tender with just a hint of smokiness from the grill, perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection, this sharing platter was an inspired choice.

The salad was lovely, not an easy task in January, but it was beautifully dressed and a great option as an accompaniment to such a meat heavy main.

Mr. Red agreed that my choice of venue was perfect and we both agreed we need to return again as there are so many delights on the menu.

We finished with traditional Turkish baklava but even though we only had two each on the plate, I couldn’t finish. All that bread, meat and a second glass of wine had left me feeling very satisfied.

All evening our waiters had been outstanding, Cappadocia does seem to have the best service I have ever encountered in my lovely city. The entire evening had been faultless, the food, the service and the ambiance had given us the perfect evening. I can’t wait to return here in the near future.


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