A private session with a jazz legend.

Last week I was invited along as part of a specially invited, handpicked audience to listen to A Taste Of Jazz And Blues Featuring Bobby Woods. 

A Taste Of Jazz And Blues are a jazz band and they had booked the theatre space at The Old Joint Stock  pub at 4 Temple Row Birmingham.

The Old Joint Stock.

The Old Joint Stock is a beautiful pub that used to be a bank and has maintained its charming interior, it’s well worth a visit just to admire the inside even if you don’t go to see a performance in the small but perfectly formed theatre upstairs. They also carry a wide range of gins (24 I do believe)

I was told to be at the venue for 11am and was there to see the guys rehearse before the show started. This also gave me a chance to chat with this immensely talented and likeable bunch of musicians.

Fronted by the jazz legend that is Bobby Woods who has worked alongside many greats of the music industry including  Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Eddie Grant and Desmond Dekker Bobby is a Hummingbird winner (the forerunner of the MOBOs) a wonderfully gifted singer and a charming and charismatic gentleman.

Bobby Woods.

A Taste Of Jazz And Blues  covered some great classic songs such as At Last And My Romance ,  as well as a range of songs from Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many more.

Bobbys voice is rich, sensual and perfect  for conveying the romance of the songs. The entire event was a joy to behold.  A Taste Of Jazz And Blues stole my heart and my breath away.

A Taste Of Jazz And Blues.

The six piece band consists of Mark Lawson  on saxophone, Tom Dean  and John McKinely  on guitars,  John McDonald  is musical director and pianist, drummer Paul  and of course fronted by vocalist  Bobby Wood.

When I spent some time talking to Bobby I found out that they are hoping to release an album on iTunes next year and are currently looking for venues to perform at anywhere around the Uk.  I did infact spend a few hours chatting with Bobby in his home, but a lot of our chat was not entirely music related.  We did speak about his gospel influences,  his Hummingbird award, his friends and his health. Bobby even took time to teach me how to play a cord on the piano  before moving on to teach me how to play the drums!

During rehearsals.

A Taste Of Jazz And Blues  are hoping to get a website up and running very soon, as soon as they do I will edit this to include a link.  I highly recommend you do go to see them should you ever see them advertised.

Until my meeting with Bobby and the band I didn’t know I liked jazz.  I rather naively thought Of Jazz as the sound that Cleo Laine made, but apparently jazz comes in many different forms.  I now know that  soul jazz and blues jazz are beautiful and the swing sound that I have always enjoyed can also have the jazz treatment and sounds equally amazing.
Sadly I can not upload my video of the band, but should you wish to check them out I have uploaded a short video to both my Instagram and twitter accounts. Both are RedAndGoldWeb
I also have included this link to a video on YouTube of A Taste Of Jazz And Blues featuring Bobby Woods.




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