Willard Wigan exhibition.

Most times when I arrive at a venue I think I know what to expect. But last night I was invited to attend an exhibition that blew me away. I knew I was going to see art work that is microscopic, literally the audience has to view these tiny pieces through the viewing lenses of a microscope. But nothing could prepare me for just how impressive the quality and detail that was in each piece. Firstly the size of the needles or the pin heads was just regular sewing needles, not great big darning needles, but the small needles that I still truggle to even thread!

Secondly the quantity of pieces on display. I was expecting maybe  a dozen pieces. I guess each piece must take months to complete and there was 21 microscopes each with a unique piece of mind boggling artistry at the viewing point and thirdly, just what a down to earth and approachable man the artist Willard Wigan is.

Located at the museum of the jewellery Quarter  on Vyse street, just a few minutes walk from the train station, the Willard Wigan exhibition is on throughout the summer until October 28th. Full details of the exhibition are here

A tiny art work is in the eye of the needle which is within the bubble under this microscope.

Galleon on a pin head, photo credit Willard Wigan

Gold glasses on a pin head. Photo creti Willard Wigan

Four seasons. Photo credit Willard WiganMary and Jesus. Phot credit Willard Wigan

These five photos above are all courtesy of Willard Wigan, but I did manage to capture a few shots myself using the camera on my phone and peering through the eyepiece of the microscopes. Can I just say, it was difficult to hold my camera steady enough to snap a photo, never mind trying to imagine carving and painting these micro art works.

I particularly loved the world in the eye of a needle, my granddaughter Jessica joined me last night and she loved the golden glasses displayed on a pin head.

Willard Wigan gave us a short talk , he explained how he had come to realise that he had this amazing talent and talked about his childhood and then he took time to chat to as many of the guests as he could.  Jessica wanted to know what materials he uses and Mr. Wigan explained that he sometimes uses threads from a spider web! A film crew was following Mr. Wigan as a documentary program is being made about him.  We were lucky enough to be interviewed and are very much looking forward to seeing the show.

This exhibition is like nothing I have ever seen before and I’m sure if you visit you will agree. I know the word amazing is much over used, but what I saw last night is amazing and mind boggling.

Willard Wigan is a local man, we do have a lot of homegrown talent in this beautiful city.  I highly recommend you visit the museum of the jewellery Quarter whilst this stunning show is on and experience the magic of Willard Wigan.



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