Lower Drayton farm and the middle of nowhere Festival.

Lower Drayton fun farm  in Stafford ( a day out falling under the banner of Black Country and Beyond)  was our choice for a day out with twins Theo and Alexis age 6. On Sunday we headed up the road to feed farm animals and try to get lost in the maize maze.  But what we hadn’t anticipated was was that our visit would be timed to perfection, with us arriving on a festival weekend. Upon arrival both children were issued with a wrist tag on which we had to write our phone number, just in case they got separated from us at the festival. What a clever idea.

Alexis on the zip wire.

Located just off the M6 in  Penkridge we had gone expecting to find just another farm, but were  pleasantly surprised , not only with the cheery and enthusiastic staff and the size of the maize maze but to also find that for our visit we had a music tent with live bands, a beer tent that sold gin & tonic and a host of foodie  stalls as well as kiddie rides and even zorb balls.

Obviously there are the usual farm animals that can be fed, a bag of grain cost 60p or two bags for £1.00 and instead of the children holding the food in their hands they liked having the chutes that fed directly into the animals pens. We saw a huge pig sleeping, some talkative donkeys, goats  that had their own trampoline and some ducks and geese.

Inside the Maize maze.

The Maize maze had signposts inside where we could fill the clues in on our maze competition. We spent almost 2 hours in the maze and still could not find the final clue. But again, what a great way to spend two hours walking. Theo and Alexis really enjoyed looking for the clues and trying to get lost. Unfortunately for them they never quite managed to completely lose us, but that said, if they could be quiet for more than ten seconds maybe we would have struggled to find them, it is a big ol’ maze.

Play area

There was a small adventure playground and play area with swings as well as a combined harvester that had been transformed into a slide, a real fire engine that the kids could clamber all over and some grass sledges on a small track.

When we left the maize maze we headed into the field that was playing host to the  middle of nowhere Festival.

Here we found something to eat, with the twins choosing a burger and a hotdog, Mr. Red and I had a hot pork bap which we enjoyed at one of the picnic tables.

We then headed to the music tent as the rain had started. What a great time for the band that was on when we finally got out of the weather, they had a full house. Mr. Red had a pint of ale, I had a gin &  tonic and the twins had a soft drink whilst we enjoyed the festival atmosphere and the live music.

We  took the chance to let the twins try zorbing. For anyone who doesn’t know, zorbing is where the player gets to run around in a giant beach ball on water. It certainly looked lots of fun and another great way to use up some energy for two energetic 6 year olds. It was almost as much  fun watching Theo and Alexis trying to stand and run. They did say it was the best fun.

We ended our visit with a pony ride for each of the children. Alexis used to have regular riding lessons and so was very confident and knew what was expected. Theo had never been on a pony before, but both Misty the pony and the girls who were working with Misty were  very good at what they did. Misty was certainly a very placid creature.

Alexis on Misty the pony.

A final purchase of some sweets from one of the food stalls within the festival field and it was time to start heading home. We had spent 4 hours having lots of fun. I was a little jealous that we hadn’t got a tent pitched, as there were a few people camping for the Festival weekend. We only headed home when we did because the weather was being very changeable and we had already been drenched in a few heavy showers. We had had another fun day together.

If you want to know any more details about lower Drayton farm all the details are here


If you do visit I would suggest wearing decent shoes if you plan to tackle the maize maze, it is quite soft ground in the maze and at places around the farm. I was wearing sandals, not the most practical of footwear whilst on a farm. We all had a great day out and thought it to be very good value.


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