The Big Sleuth, a story of a bear hunt.

Every year Birmingham children’s hospital does lots of fun fundraising events. Last year we went owl spotting, we always take part in the Birmingham  Zombie walk alongside thousands of other shambling undead. This year there is a bear hunt, known as The Big Sleuth.  The majority of funds raised  for the ‘hunts’ come from the pieces being auctioned later in the year.

Yesterday the grandchildren and I went on the first part of our bear hunt.

With over 100 bears in the Birmingham area we  did really well to spot our first 34 bears yesterday.

We walked a long way in the 3 hours we spent in the city, but what a wonderful way to get our steps in. I had already seen a lot of bears in town so we started at the cathedral grounds and moved on to Victoria square before heading down Gas Street basin where we had lunch at Mission Burrito. I had noticed that Mission Burrito did a children’s menu and a child’s Burrito for one pound, what a great buy, I topped up the small Burrito with a tray of nachos and sour cream also for a pound. Definitely somewhere worth remembering if you’re out and about and want to feed your brood. Our meals came to under £10 for the three of us.

We picked up a map with the locations of all the bears from the library, they also had some bears inside the library and it was the perfect spot to  have a drink. Alexis had a small bottle of fresh fruit juice, Theo had a smoothie and I had a glass of wine. How civilised to be able to get wine in the library.

My favourite bear was the Spock complete with pointy ears, until I met Ghostbuster bear, now I’m not sure which one is my favourite.

If you go on a bear hunt do let me know your favourite bear.



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