Book launch. 

I was invited to a book launch last night. Author A.A.Abbott was at The Studio  conference rooms on Cannon Street to launch her newest crime thriller The Grass Trail. This is what Helen says about her book (Helen is the author, A.A.Abbott is her pen name.)

My latest crime thriller, The Grass Trail, is a tense story with plenty of twists. Crime boss Shaun Halloran is mouldering in Belmarsh prison, plotting his escape and obsessing about the beautiful woman he blames for his plight. Meanwhile, Kat White is making craft vodka – and drinking it too, when she receives Shaun’s poison pen letters and fears for her life…

The Studio, where the launch was being hosted is a very pleasant space and we were lucky enough to be welcomed to the atrium which has both inside and outside space.  Helen seemed to find time to personally welcome each guest as they arrived and there was a full house by the time Helen stood up to speak about her book and she even read a short excerpt.

A good gathering of book lovers in the outside space.

Everyone was very friendly, but everyone had a shared passion for reading and a shared passion does make people seem chattier and friendlier, especially after a complimentary glass or two of prosecco.  I discovered that book launches are very much like ship launches, as there was a lot of bubbles involved in both.

It was lovely to be able to meet Helen, even though I really didn’t get much of a chance to chat. Obviously she was very much in demand  by everyone in attendance.

The party inside the atrium. 

Sadly I had been double booked by my editor to attend an evening event  so I had to dash off a little earlier than I would have liked but it was still a fun and quite exciting event.  All of the staff at the Studio were very polite, the bar tender in the atrium was especially lovely.

If you would like to try a  book or download an E-book from Helen, take a look at her website

After I had been to my other event, Mr.Red and I called in to Minmins noodles  for a spot of supper.  Located on Bromsgrove street, right opposite a good car park,  Minmin is a good choice for a quick bite out in Chinatown.

I had roast pork, Mr. Red had Satay chicken, both with rice, a chrysanthemum tea each and the bill was under £20. My roast pork had the most wonderful crispy crackling on each tasty mouthful. I rarely buy pork to cook at home, but I do think it’s the one meat where Chinese chefs know how to get the very best from this affordable cut.

Crispy on the outside. Tender and tasty pork.

It was Mr. Reds first visit to this noodle bar and I think I impressed him with my ever improving local knowledge.


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