Chop and wok

Have you ever seen the tweets that say “retweet this , like and share to be in with a chance of winning”? I have, but up until last week I’d never known a winner.  That is until I retweeted a competition post from  Chop and Wok  and guess what……I won!

I won two main meals at the Chop and Wok of my choice, I  chose to pick up my noodle dinner from Suffolk street, and on Tuesday I was in town to review a play for #Brumhour so Mr. Red and I took full advantage of our free meal and made a beeline to Suffolk street for our food.

Chop and Wok offer freshly prepared noodle or rice dishes, served in an American style Chinese food box which can be eaten either in the small dining area or taken away.  I chose basmati rice with duck and plum sauce. Mr. Red had Singapore style fine noodles with beef and black bean sauce.  Both dishes were freshly prepared in front of us, and both meals were excellent, high on taste and big of value. The box may look small, but it has a hefty portion of food in each box, so much more than I could eat in one meal.  Mr. Red who does have a big appetite finished his meal and said it was more than enough, so you won’t be left hungry.

As well as being super tasty these dishes were extremely hot, hot in temperatures not in spices, but you can spice the heat up or down as they have a lot of options when it comes to ordering.

The dishes are also very reasonably priced, and with no alcohol licence we could easily have a good meal for two at well under £20. The food is also all halal certified meat, now for me, that is not an issue as to whether it is or it isnt, but I do realise for some people it is an important matter.

We were welcomed by a lovely team of servers and I rather cheekily asked them for a photo of both the counter staff and the chef just to share on my blog.  With several stores around the Birmingham area, you too could be a winner but only if you retweet, so may I suggest you follow @ChopAndWokUK on twitter.

As you can see, prices are competitive, they have a wide variety of food items and you can mix n match your rice or noodles with whatever meat and sauces you prefer.  My first time in Chop and Wok was really nice and I will be returning. This is not a sponsored post, I was just lucky enough to win two meals.


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