Colmore Food Fair.

Birmingham is a real food lovers city, with just about every cuisine known to man available somewhere in this stunning  city, and to celebrate the diversity of food available we certainly have a lot of foodies celebrations. This weekend the annual Colmore food fair took place in Victoria Square  Friday and Saturday and of course Mr. Red and I attended to try lots of lovely food.

All of the stalls are selling food and drink from the bars and restaurants in the Colmore area of Birmingham, with 35 stalls and an expected 30,000 visitors over the course of both days this is a vibrant ‘little’ fair.

We started our food adventure at the Chung Ying Central  stall, where we were treated to a delicious portion of tempura prawns  which were light and crispy and perfectly accompanied with a good dollop of sweet chilli sauce.

We then bumped into a group of friends who recommended the rib tips from Nosh & Quaff, which were possibly my favourite dish of the day, but in truth it’s really hard to narrow it down to just one with so much fabulous choice on offer.  The rib tips were bite sized chunks of perfectly tender pork belly cubes cooked then tossed in Nosh &Quaffs secret recipe sauce and an absolute bargain at £4.00 per portion. Once again Mr. Red and I shared each dish as we wanted to try a bite of as many different snacks as was humanly possible.

We then headed to one of the many cocktail bars stalls,  Purnells Gingers bar  had a great selection of cocktails and I had a Strawberry Feels, which was a gin based (of course) cocktail with a good measure of strawberry syrup and served over ice, it was really quite perfect for the beautiful summers day we were lucky enough to be enjoying. Mr. Red had a Bacardi based daiquiri which he said was like a Bacardi slushy and again the perfect accompaniment to great food being enjoyed in the sunshine.

After our encounter with the crazy chef wearing stilts who had ground her oversized pepper pot on my head whilst making a joke about liking ginger with her food, this really is very family friendly. We had a portion of  hake served with crushed potatoes and peas from Opus , this was Mr. Reds favourite dish of the day.

So much so, that I was inspired to cook fresh tuna steaks and serve them with crushed new potatoes and fresh peas myself on Sunday, but i couldn’t recreate the flavours that were in saturdays dish.

There is a lovely atmosphere at Colmore food fair, it is very family friendly and the vast majority of dishes are available at around the £4 or £5 mark and the cocktails were all £5.00 or under. It’s a great day to try something new.

Another cocktail from Jekyll and Hyde,  this time I had a Tom Collins, but with a slight twist, instead of a zesty lemon finish, this Tom Collins had rose as it’s flavour, and very nice it was too.

Mr. Red has a sweet tooth so had a portion of honey bergamot cake from Java coffee lounge. I tried the tiniest nibble, but I really don’t have a sweet tooth at all, that said, it was a lovely light and airy sponge base, and Mr. Red enjoyed his cake and coffee. We finished our foodie adventure with a portion of steak from  Gaucho, one of the newer restaurants in the area and somewhere I have been wanting to get to since it opened. My steak was rare and moist but with wonderfully smokey flavours on the charred outside from the real barbecue cooking technique and I loved the creamed corn it was served on, again a bargain at £4.00 I’m now all the more determined to have a proper visit to Gaucho in the near future, as I was by now very full, but I really could have eaten another steak.

We ended up spending about three hours in the sunshine, it’s easy to spend half a day here. There is live music, cookery demonstrations from celebrity chefs and a lovely atmosphere.

My final pictures are from Jas Sansi (@jassansi) who was official photographer at the event, and I think this photo sums up the atmosphere at Colmore Food Fair really well.

We had another lovely, foodie, day in the sunshine in this beautiful city.  If you have not visited the Colmore food fair I really do recommend it, it’s the perfect chance to try some great food from some of Birminghams finest restaurants, and when I say finest, there was even a chance to try Michelin starred food at a fiver and you really don’t get finer than that.


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