Foodies Festival

This weekend sees the annual  Foodies Festival  taking Place in Cannon Hill Park . I was lucky enough to attend on Friday and Saturday and had a really great time both days.

For anyone who has not attended a Foodies Festival, they do take place nationwide and you can find where your local  Foodies Festival is

So what does entry to Foodies Festival give you? Obviously food, lots and lots of food. Drinks, both alcoholic and not. Live music and live theatres ranging from cooking skills to celebrity chefs, kids cooking class and drinks theatres. We didn’t go to see any of the theatre shows as we were far too busy enjoying the stalls and live music available outside. So I really can’t tell you what they are like, but they are always well attended, and there was a few guests I should have liked to see had I not been so busy enjoying myself.

On Friday I went with my editor Dave from #brumhour and we met up with some friends and had a  jolly good jape. Friday is by far the quietest day to visit. We were welcomed into the VIP tent with a lovely glass of prosecco and took the opportunity to get a photo of ourselves on the red carpet.

After we had met up with friends Bryan and Kevin we took a steady walk around, it is spread out over quite a large area and we was in no rush, we really wanted to be sure we had seen everything we wanted to see.  The weather was kind and I made a few mental notes of places I would return to the next day.

As well as being able to try and buy lots of food and drinks the Foodies Festival is also a place to find cookwear from knives, pots and fat free fryers and even a teeth whitening system.

What did I try? Over the course of two days I tried some wonderful cured sausages and had to buy a selection of them. But at £10 for seven different salami, chorizo and other cured meats I thought that was great value.  I was told the meats would last 3 months,  but that’s not true, as two of them didn’t survive  even last night, (hubby and I ate them, they had not  gone off!) but they did for down very well with the olive loaf I had bought from the Paul Bakery  stand and a wedge of lovely English cheese which I had bought. The cheeses were £4.50 each or three for £12 so I took a selection.

The vast majority of stall holders are giving samples of their food or drinks to try and there was even some t-shirts being given away alongside cans of Southern Comfort  ready mixed with lemonade and lime.  Mr. Red and I do enjoy a SoCo and lemonade so we had a can each. Our first foodie purchase was tempura battered soft shell crab, served with chilli sauce. Just the one between us, as we wanted to try lots of different foods rather than fill up on one proper meal.

The crab was really delicious and at £7.00 for one portion which was served on a soft tortilla with sour cream, chilli sauce and rocket leaves I thought it was good value.  There are so many lovely things to try we really did have to narrow it down to a few ‘must haves’ and even then there was still things I wished I had saved some room for, like the lobster rolls from the seafood hut.  Oh well, there’s always next year to try them.

Our next choice was from a Vietnamese stall. There was a selection of Vietnamese foods on offer, we plumped for the barbecued pork served with pickles and salad served in a baguette. Super fresh tasting and the Best Buy of the day at £4.00 but with hindsight it was very filling due to it being a bread based meal and that limited my choices for later as I was a bit full.

But it was tasty and I did enjoy sitting on the grass sharing a sandwich with Mr. Red in the sunshine.

We then went for a drink, a Rum punch first, from the Red leg rum stall. Last year we bought a bottle of Red Leg, but this year they were only selling cocktails with no option to purchase a bottle, but I wasn’t too sad as that meant I had to buy a bottle of Cotswold Gin.

I had tried this perfectly floral gin on Friday and already decided I would be returning to buy a bottle anyway. I cracked it open last night and enjoyed a glass, but just the one, as we had also visited the Havana Club  stand  and enjoyed a drink each from there too. It was turning into a very boozey day out.

Finally we met up with a new company that have an innovative new idea for getting food delivered to your door. Called  Why Cook Food  (and currently only operating in Birmingham) the idea behind  this company is that local home cooks, not professional chefs, advertise the menu they are cooking for their own family that week and if you don’t want to cook one evening but really want something healthier and tastier than a regular takeaway meal then you can order a portion of  something that your neighbour is having. I enjoyed a portion of curry and flat bread and it was lovely. Light and tasty with no hint of greasiness and very much like the home made I curry I enjoy making at home (I got a family recipe from an Indian family  who lived close by me many years ago)

Some of the cooks from Why Cook Food.

Sadly I didn’t get a photo of my curry and flat bread as I got busy eating it and completely forgot to get a picture,  but it was very nice, and I did get a photo of some of the home cooks that were there on Saturday.

We then enjoyed another drink, this time a gin fizz from the Belvoir fruity soft drinks people.  I  do enjoy using their products as a mixer with my gin and had hoped to buy a large bottle of  cucumber and mint cordial but I had left it too late in the day and had to settle for a small bottle of cucumber and mint presse. It really does work well with gin. Belvoir had a wicker basket from a hot air balloon to use for photo ops, sadly for them they had been told it was too windy to attach the balloon above it, but it did make for a few nice photos over the two days I was there

The rain stayed away, the sun was never too hot, I tried lots of lovely foods and drinks, Mr. Red and I strolled hand in hand, it really was a very nice start to the weekend. I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Edit: After posting this I had a message from Mateus wines to tell me my photo had won e me a case of 12 Mateus Rosé wines.



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