Tha Pley that GoWes RONG at Birmingham Rep


By Julie Wallis

Tha Pley that GoWes rong at Birmingham Rep

The Play that goes wrong is at Birmingham Rep until 24th June and it is so very very right.

It’s incredibly complicated to try to explain but it’s incredibly easy to watch. The show starts before the audience have even left the bar area, with actors from Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society running through the bar asking if anyone has seen Winston the friendly spaniel. Cornley poly is a fictional am dram group, but that didn’t stop Chris Bean, the director, designer, box office manager, press & pr, fight choreography and voice coach to name a few of his roles from coming over to introduce himself.

-®helenmurray2017 The Play That Goes Wrong UK-Ireland Tour 2017-420 The Play That Goes Wrong photo by Helen Murray

Patrick Warner plays Chris Bean, Chris Bean plays the detective and here’s where it gets complicated to introduce to you dear reader via the…

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