Dinner with friends at New Dilshad Alvechurch.

I took a short train ride to the pretty village of Alvechurch to meet my dear husband and some friends for dinner.

Alvechurch is over the boarder in Worcestershire but it was a good central location for seven of to meet and the New Dilshad restaurant has a good reputation.

I made my way from the train station, it’s only about a ten or fifteen minute walk and it really is a very pretty village, so it was very nice to walk through in the summer sunshine.

I was first to arrive and was welcomed by the staff, I didn’t know what name the table had been booked in and I didn’t know how many people it was for so I really couldn’t have been less helpful but the staff were lovely and sat me at a large table and fetched me a drink whilst I waited for my group to arrive.

All seven meals arrived at the same time, I do realise it’s not easy getting so many meals out together and hot, so I’m happy to report that everything arrived after quite a long wait but it was so worth it. We had been happily munching on poppadoms and pickles whilst we waited and having a good chat. Staff were very attentive and I was very impressed with our waiter Abdul who was constantly refreshing my drink. One of my drinks had a flat bottle of tonic and the staff made no fuss at all about getting me a replacement. I also loved that my Hendricks gin was served with a slice of cucumber, that is always such a nice accompaniment to a good gin.

New Dilshad has a full bar,  the toilets were spotless and the newly refurbished interior looks lovely with some beautiful lighting above the tables in the booths.

Everyone enjoyed their food and I’m not going to bore you with every dish but I had a vegetarian Sagwalla  and it was delicious, it was also a huge portion that I couldn’t finish as I had rather greedily ordered the mushroom rice  to accompany my main.  The Sagwalla  was packed full of flavour but decidedly mild, so ideal for anyone who preferred a less spicy dish.

After settling the bill we all headed over the road to the Red Lion  pub, which is a traditional English pub. Once again it is a very pretty place, although decidedly prettier inside than out and they too had a great gin selection.

The New Dilshad is definitely somewhere I would travel to again,  it is in a very pretty part of the countryside, the food was lovely and we had great service in a modern and welcoming restaurant.

I know I do get out and about a lot, and our nights out often end with us saying “we must meet up more often”  and that is so true,  time spent with friends is never time wasted. Time spent enjoying good food is never wasted. Last night was a night well spent.

Full details of New Dilshad are available on their web site here https://www.newdilshad.co.uk/

This is not a sponsored post and the bill was paid for by us diners. I have attached the final photo of everyone I was out with.


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