Lovehard at the Old Joint stock

Last year I was lucky enough to attend a comedy night for a fellow blogger at The old Joint Stock, this year the  uniquely gifted Lovehard comedy returned to play at the same venue and I was invited to attend again and can I say these guys have huge talent, should you ever get the chance to see them live then you must go. I promise you will never see anything like this anywhere else. Birmingham is awash with local talent and Lovehard Comedy  are home grown talent that deserve to go far.

Lovehard are a comedy duo that perform the most wonderfully entertaining and clever plays I have ever seen. Now when I say comedy duo, please don’t think Morecombe & Wise or  French & Saunders, what these guys do is far from your regular stand up routine. I will try to convey the flavour of Lovehard as best I can, but believe me when I say  together they are so much greater than the sum of their parts.

Last night I saw Murdered by murder,  a classic whodunnit  in the style of an Agetha Christie murder, 6 friends arrive at Drenchblood Heights for a Christmas Eve murder mystery party night, and before the murder mystery game starts a real murder is committed. Everyone in attendance has a motive, but who is the murderer?  So far, so normal, but now for the twist, all 6 guests, the butler, the detective and the  host are all played, simultaneously by  Jacob Lovick and Tyler Harding  and it is phenomenal. As they switch seamlessly between each character they announce the change by means of a whish  or is it a whoosh that they verbally communicate to the audience? every character is completely different to the others, with a different stance, gait and voice, and not once did these guys miss a beat, each transition is perfectly executed although they do manage to make each other laugh on occasion, but that just adds to the jovial nature of the evening.

Most of the play take place around the dining table, but without any set changes it does move very cleverly all around the house and it has a crashing finale that did make the audience gasp. I’m not going to give any spoilers, but this is very clever, very funny and unique comedy acting, the likes of which you will not see anywhere else.

My favourite part of the evening was when two characters, both being played by the same actor, meet and shake hands, as I said this is all very clever comedy, but I also loved the  flashbacks  that took us back in time. This is a fabulously funny show suitable for all ages and certainly one you will remember for a long time. (Although Edinburgh fringe does recommend age 16+)

Hosted by the beautiful old building that was formerly the Joint Stock Bank but it is now a gastro pub that serves wonderful pies, and has the cutest little theatre upstairs it was a wonderful evening of belly laughs and fabulous gin as the Old Joint Stock boasts over 20 gins and I can personally recommend the Bols Genever which I really enjoyed.

Lovehard  won awards at Edinburgh and Brighton fringe festivals last year, and well deserved they are too. Lovehard will also be performing Murdered By Murder London, Hastings, Buxton, Manchester and Edinburgh! It’s a free show in Edinburgh in August this year.  You can find them on Facebook /Lovehardcomedy or twitter @lovehardcomedy should you wish to find more details of upcoming performances.
If you want to book tickets for Edinburgh
I was invited to attend at no cost to myself, but I knew it was going to be a great evening so I chose to buy a ticket for my husband too, and I did buy my own lovely gin, so this is not a sponsored article, this is just my review of a great night out and I really do recommend you try to catch these guys live, before they get snapped up by some television mogul and start charging silly money.  I throughly enjoyed last nights show and hope these talented young men keep returning again and again. If last nights capacity audience were anything to go by they may have to add more dates to next years show. Keep up the good work chaps, all your hard work does show in your fabulously funny evenings.


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