Bosworth water park

On Saturday we took the grandchildren back home, but we went via Bosworth water park and what a lovely find this is.

When we first found it online we thought it looked promising for a few days camping with the kids as they have a camp site with both caravan and tent pitches, but being sensible we decided to try a day visit first.  I’m very much looking forward to a few days camping here later this summer. Near enough to home that granddad could even drop us off for a few days  and pick us up or join us later in the week

As well as being a camp site with all the amenities you’d expect, club house, bar, restaurant, showers etc, there is also a large fishing lake, a boating lake and a swimming pond suitable for all the family. We spent a very pleasant hour on the man made beach and  the water was surprisingly warm, but it’s fairly shallow so it will heat up much faster than the real sea. When I say shallow, it is still deep enough for swimming and I did swim as did as Jessica, who we couldn’t get out of the water.

All I would suggest to anyone visiting is  bring swim shoes, because once you wade in deep enough to swim the bottom was a rather slimey muddy bottom and I didn’t like it. But the twins paddled about in the shallows on sand and we all had a great day.

A picnic lunch whilst watching the sailing boats and pedalos and then on to the crazy golf.

Crazy golf was a lot of fun and at only £12.50 for a family of two adults and three children to play  twelve holes that was another hour well spent. The twins are just at an age where they can really enjoy a game of crazy golf too, I think this time last year we would have been taking our life in our hands had we ‘armed’ Theo with a club!

We did have a great day, it’s a lovely place just to go for a walk around the lakes if you don’t have children, but it is a very family friendly place and reasonable prices too. Entry is free but car parking cost around £2.50 an hour. There was also a small fun fair which we didn’t have time to go in as we still had to get the children back to their mum, but rides there were around £2.00 .

I did see a few people visiting with dogs, so I think I can say that dogs are allowed, although I would have rather the dog enjoying his swim had been swimming in any other lake than the children’s swimming lake, but there you go, some people are thoughtless as I realised when the dog was then allowed to run his extending lead out so he could shake off his wet coat all over me whilst his oblivious owner was on a very important  phone call and ignoring his pet.

I will write a longer review with more photos when we have spent our camping weekend here. But if you’re tempted to book a tent pitch, a lodge  or just try some sailing lessons then everything you need is here:



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