Birmingham Gay Pride Parade

This weekend Birmingham celebrated Gay Pride with the Pride Parade, and I felt proud to live in a country that not only accepts differences but actively celebrate this country’s diversity.

This years Parade was bigger and better as we were also celebrating 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised. You may not agree with homosexuality but you have to agree that countries that pass laws telling you that your feelings and emotions are illegal are beyond backward. (I have no problem with who other people love as it makes no difference to my life)

Once agiain the parade took place the weekend we had the grandchildren so we all went along to see this flamboyant and colourful spectacle and what a great time we had.

The parade began at noon, after holding a minutes silence to pay respect to those killed in the Manchester bombing last week. With a heavy and visible armed police presence I certainly never thought for a moment that I was anything other than safe. No amount of terror threats will ever stop me from enjoying my life. I was expecting the crowds to be a little less than the usual numbers due to the previous weeks terror atrocities but we brummies are made of stern stuff and I was happy to see numbers didn’t look any less than previous years.

Love will win over hate, and what an apt message, when we are celebrating people’s rights to love others of the same gender. The children had a wonderful time, as always, with plenty of lovely goodies being handed out by the people taking part. Jessica got a rather nice tote bag in bright pink from the local radio station BBC WM , the twins loved their bubbles from the Dogs Trust, as well as a collection of stickers, bracelets, badges, whistles, sweeties and even fruit!

With some great tunes blasting out from the floats involved, the parade started with a float playing Love and Pride by King, a mid 80s classic pop song and ended with the New Alex theatre float playing I’ve Had The Time Of My Life, the iconic song from Dirty Dancing, which is showing at The Alex this week, whilst the Alex staff gave out watermelon sweeties whilst wearing fabulous watermelon costumes. How they survived in the heat of the day wearing them I will never know.

Obviously as we have young children we do not attend the music festival part of the weekend, but I hope that we will take them to the music tents in a few years , so this review is purely about the street parade.

It’s a lovely fun day out and has become something of a tradition  for us to take the grandchildren.

With street dancers, drag queens, rugby teams, stilt walkers, the police, fire department and ambulances taking part there is something for everyone.

When the parade had finished we went to the Birmingham museum and art gallery to enjoy a meal together. Jessica had a gorgeous salmon salad, and the twins joined granddad in afternoon tea, afternoon tea consisted of sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and a selection of cakes, all served with a pot of tea for only £13.  I enjoyed a delicious open sandwich on rye served with a glass of wine.  The Edwardian tea rooms are a hidden gem if you’re looking for a great choice for children’s meals as they do serve family favourites like fish finger sandwiches, omelette and beans on toast and all at vey reasonable prices too.

It was just far enough away from the parade route to be quieter than the restaurants on New Street, and it is such a nice location it really was worth the 5 minute walk to the Edwardian Tea rooms.

Luckily the day started dry and warm and it wasn’t until the parade had finished that the weather took a turn for the worse, but it stayed dry and warm even though it was windy and overcast by the end of our day.

I love celebrating Birmingham Pride, it’s colourful, fun and friendly.  Much like my beloved city itself.


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