Shopping in the Bullring

Once again it’s half term and I have the grandchildren Jessica 12 and twins Theo and Alexis 6 and I had arranged to meet them in the shopping centre The Bullring. So we spent the morning shopping in this wonderful space. Split over 4 floors and divided into two side this bright shopping space is close to New street station for travelers coming from afar and Moor street station for local trains.

With ample places both inside and close by to call in for food and drinks it’s easy to spend a full day here. There is car parking for over 3000 cars and at over 125,000 square metres (1,349,000 square foot) it’s also easy to get lost, I always do and I’ve been visiting for nearly 12 years.

We started our day in Selfridges, and it’s a lovely space that sells lots of lovely stuff. Eldest daughter Elizabeth bought a bottle of rum from the drinks department which allows you to pick the bottle of your choice and have it filled, they have lots of different designs in the bottles, from shoe shaped bottle to torsos and gem shapes, you then pick your drink and have the bottle filled. I bought my husband a heart shaped bottle which I had filled with rum  and have previously bought birthday presents from here, they stock Whiskeys, vodkas and rum to my knowledge. Usually you can try samples before you decide, yesterday for some reason my server didn’t want me to try anything, so I didn’t buy but the bottle Elizabeth purchased (also without sampling!) was beautifully gift wrapped and had a message wrote onto the bottle.

Lunch was taken at Nando’s, simply because it’s so child friendly, the kids love getting their own free refills of soft drinks from the soda machine, service was as always super friendly.  One benefit of having so many places is that everyone is guaranteed great service as every restaurant is competing with so many neighbours.

Returning back to the top floor of Selfridges for the fantastic cosmetics floor, all the big names are here, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, Clarins, Mac Charlotte Tilbury, Illamasqua and my favourite Tom Ford. Elizabeth got some Bare Minerals make up after having a demo of just how great the coverage was by another lovely staff member who was more than willing to give a free make over.

It was a very warm day so a drinks stop at Cafe Rouge where I had a fruity cocktail and the children had lemonade, Alexis knocked over her lemonade before getting half way through it and our lovely waiter offered her a free replacement.  Cafe Rouge is somewhere i do choose to stop at when I’m in the Bullring shopping as it is consistently good value, great service and in a perfect spot for people watching on a sunny day with the outdoors seating being right between the two halves of the Bullring.

The city centre was certainly quieter than it would normally be, but we saw armed police on the streets and I never, not even for a moment worried about my safety, but in light of recent events it was a very reassuring sight, it’s also the first/only time I have seen armed police in the uk outside of an airport.

Jessica needed some summer sandals so a walk up new street to the very large Primark and one pair of gold sandals were chosen, agreed upon by mother and daughter and I picked up some fake lashes at an unbeatable £1.00 A visit to the Build-a-bear workshop completed the trip for Jessica and the twins, the twins chosen bears were a rabbit and a Sonic the hedgehog, always fun for the first visit, even better when there is a deal on two for £28. I then took a very short walk to Moor street station for the short ride home.

We left my daughter and her friend to finish shopping without having the children, I remember just what a luxury that is when you are a mum to 3, by the time we got home Alexis had lost a shoe off of her new Build-a-bear rabbit as she had carried her new cuddly toy rather than have it packed into a carrier box.  Oh well, I guess we will have to return sooner than anticipated.

I think it is well worth visiting the Bullring, it really does have everything under one roof, with all the prestige names in Selfridges, some lovely food options and it’s just so convenient being right opposite the main train station,

All in all it was a lovely day with my daughter and grandchildren,


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