Trentham Gardens and Monkey forest.

We took the  grandchildren to Trentham gardens and monkey forest last Friday and I can safely report not only was a good time had by all but we officially wore the twins out.

As well as acres of mature forest which houses almost 200 Moroccan monkeys there is shopping village,  gardens, lakes, fairies, miniature trains and a boat ride. Plenty for everyone.

Entry to monkey forest  is separate to entry to Trentham Gardens  but both are very reasonable for prices. Located at Stone Road Trentham, Stoke on Trent it’s easy to spend a full day exploring the 700 plus acres of Trentham Gardens. Obviously the children loved being so close to the monkeys, which live a fairly natural wild existence, with no bars and no cages, they roam freely. The monkeys pick grubs, berries, spiders, leaves and shoots but their diet is supplemented with fresh fruit and with feeding time being every hour at from 11.15am you will get to be up close to these beautiful and intelligent monkeys. We really enjoyed watching a group of younger monkeys playing in some trees, rough and tumble doesn’t even cover it, they are very steady both in the branches and on the rocks.

Usually tickets can be purchased that does include entry to both parts of Trentham, but for Easter week we were told we would have to buy our garden entry separate, I’m sure they have a good reason. We took the boat across the lake, great fun for the children and only £2.00 each.

We had a rather nice lunch in the lake side restaurant, which has really nice service too. The children chose from mains, sides and drinks on the children’s menu and Mr. Red and I plumped for a toasted ciabatta sandwich, mine having steak and blue cheese which I washed down with a glass of red. It was all very civilised.

We explored the maze and found the very centre of it, which had the name of the Easter bunny, having found the Easter bunny later the children all claimed a chocolate egg and declared the maze to be the best bit of the day. We let them find their own way to the hill in the centre, having first made sure they understood not to leave the maze itself,  to be absolutely honest this early in the year the greenery still has a bit of filling out to do so we could see through to keep an eye on the three of them as we enjoyed a leisurely stroll.

Unfortunately we hadn’t allowed enough time to do the bare foot nature walk, where we could have walked through mud and water and sand, it’s always very popular. Still it’s good to have an excuse to return and we did  do a lot of walking as well as spotting fairies, and we got the little train back to our car.

There are definitely a lot more fairies at Trentham gardens this year, they really are quite beautiful too.

Luckily for us it did stay dry all day, a really good thing as I had not picked up any coats or jackets when I stole my grand babies away from their mum, but it did look like it was going to rain when I took this lovely broody storm cloud photo.

The rain did come later on, by which time  Theo and Alexis were in their pyjamas. Fresh air and running around, essential for growing children and easily done on such a nice day out,  but please bare in mind that running and shouting are not allowed whist in the monkeys home area.


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