Birmingham Whisky Club.

last night I was invited to join members of Birmingham Whisky Club   at their tasting.  This event took place on the top floor of  The Wellington  pub located at Bennetts Hill. A charming pub that stocks hundreds of real ales and ciders as well as an impressive  selection of spirits, including over 100 whiskies.  You can find out more about The Wellington here. 

and I do recommend  a visit to The Welly  as it’s affectionately  known, should you find yourself in Birmingham  and you want to visit a proper British pub.

But back to my first experience of Birmingham  Whisky Club. Taking over the entire top floor function room some 16 whisky lovers came together and had a chance to sample whisky from the Chivas Regal  family of whisky.  To present us with a taste of each of five prestigious  whiskies we were introduced  to the delightful  Lauren  who is the Chivas Regal Brand Ambassador and most certainly knows her whisky.

Lauren talked to us passionately about the entire whisky production, where Chivas sourced their ingredients  (everything comes from Scotland when possible )  how different flavours are imparted into different whisky brands, how blending works and a very interesting  history of both whiskey in Scotland in general and the Chivas brand. 

We had five whiskies to try so I had prepared  by drinking a pint of lime and sparkling water, I certainly  didn’t want to pass out before I got to the end of my five whiskies, it does have a habit of sneaking up on me and I certainly  was feeling the effects by the time I finished my third, but by then so had everybody else and what had started as a very quiet group of whisky lovers had by now turned into a chatty and friendly group who were more willing to pass judgement, ask questions and discuss their thoughts with the rest of the group. It made for an interesting and friendly group discussion.  

I was not so keen on our first sample, for me personally it was a little harsher than I would choose which was something of a surprise  as it looked very inoffensive with a pale colour compared to the others. We started by smelling our samples, we then tried them neat and I finished by adding a few drops of water to release all the flavours and perfume.  

The difference  between each whisky we tried was huge and I most definitely  had a favorite by the end of my Birmingham  Whisky Club experience  and surprisingly  it was not the one I was expecting  to favour. 

I love a smokey, peaty whisky, the final whisky of the evening was a wonderfully smokey fragranced Glenlivet  Nadurra, but for me last night the star of the show was the Chivas Regal Ultis .  But at around the £170. a bottle price mark is certainly  not a whiskey I could ever consider buying, and herein lies the beauty of Birmingham Whisky Club, it offers an opportunity  to try whiskies that are not readily available  in the UK market or would be out of a lot of folks price bracket.. A few of last night’s samples are very big in India or America  but not easily sourced here and I felt privileged to be able to try them, others like the Chivas Regal I would never be able to afford.

If you’re a whisky lover  Birmingham  Whisky Club offers great opportunities  to explore your favorite tipple. Would I go to another whisky tasting event? Yes! In a heartbeat, not only did I get to try some beautiful whisky but I met up with a lovely bunch of like minded people too, such as this charming gentleman  whom, having found out I write about the best Birmingham has to offer was disappointed  he had not yet featured in my blog.  

Find out more about Birmingham  Whisky club here:

Although I was invited to attend last night’s event free of charge I have not been paid to write lovely things, these are, as always just my honest thought’s and experience’s .

Should you wish to purchase a bottle of the Chivas Regal Ultis it is available  here at £168.

Or the Glenlivet  at under £50
These were my two favorites of the evening, one is affordable, one is a splurge. 


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