Natural Healthy Food.        A new vegan eatery 

Last night Mr. Red and I were lucky enough to be invited to Birminghams  newest vegan eatery.

Natural Healthy  Food is located on the ground floor of Orion building, Suffolk Queensway just before the New Alex theatre, it has plenty of signage up so it’s not difficult  to find, but it really is worth seeking out.

Not only a vegan and gluten  free dining experience  this is also an organic grocery store  that stocks a huge selection of foodstuffs,  household cleaning items and toiletries. But more about that later, first I want to share my dining experience.

Before our arrival I had bumped into some friends who had also been invited to try Natural  Healthy Food  and so the four of us shared a table and better still, when we arrived I was greeted by a dear friend who is working here.

The food is laid out buffet style, with a variety of hot and cold dishes available  for you to serve yourself, when you have filled your plate you take it to the cash desk to pay, payment  is calculated  by weight.

I took  a little bit of everything, OK not quite everything, but I decided variety was the key to my first vegan experience. Variety  is most definitely  on the menu here, food options included cold salad’s including various dips, hummus, chic peas and nuts,  curry, chili, vegan shepherds  pie,  cauliflower  cheese, roasted mixed vegetables, potatoes, rice, noodles and onion bread.

I absolutely  love the Singapore  noodles  they didn’t look terrifically appetising  but oh my they tasted sublime thanks to a drizzle  of sesame oil, the Black Bean chili was equally impressive  with just enough of a punch to be tasty without overdoing the heat, yet packed full of flavour, the onion bread was rich with the flavour of fried onions and is something I could easily  be greedy with and it’s still gluten free.

A variety of desserts were passed around, I’m not a big sweetie fan but the difference  in a dessert made with sugar and desserts made with sweet stuff that’s not sugar could easily tempt me, I realised I don’t like sugar but I do like natural sweetness from carob, dates and the like. The key lime pie was certainly  my favorite, it packed a zesty punch but the sugar free brownies were also excellent.

Alongside our delicious  meal we enjoyed a herbal tea, an impressive  selection of tea and coffee are available  and the tea is served with a little egg timer so as to provide you with the perfect strength of your favorite brew. We tried the lemongrass  and ginger, it provides an immediate  hit of lemon followed by a gentle tang of ginger as an after thought, but there is a massive selection of fruit and herb teas,  so you’re bound to find a new favorite if your usual tea is not on the menu.

Lunchtime take away boxes are also available should you be looking for a healthy and tasty alternative  to your usual sandwich.

On to the shop, which stocks overy 1500 everyday items. As well as the usual selection of organic fruit and vegetables, canned goods, chocolate bars, whole foods, milks and  juices there is also household cleaning products and toiletries. But for me it was the quality of the fresh vegetables that really impressed.  It’s surprising how we get used to the fruit and vegetables  that our supermarket deem to be ‘quality’ and it’s not until I handled an unwaxed lemon, fresh garlic that is the size of  my palm and as solid as iron and most impressive  a bears claw of fresh root ginger that was shiny and firm rather than the sad and shrivelled  offering I have previously been used to. I do know there is no way I will be settling for the second best quality veggies again, not now I have found my new favourite  vegetable market. Mr. Red and I plan to stock up from here this weekend.

The restaurant  is certainly  somewhere we will be eating at again, it’s perfectly located for us when we go to the theatre as it’s between the New Alexandra and the red cage car park we use.  It’s also super fast service as it is all self service, so no time lost perusing the menu, just grab a plate and take whatever takes your fancy.

I love the enthusiasm  and the knowledge  that the staff have too. I really do recommend  you try Birminghams  newest vegan dining experience.  Had I not been invited I may well have dismissed this trendy eatery with its reclaimed wood top tables, Eddison  style lighting, friendly staff, welcoming background music, lovely atmosphere and superb food as somewhere for vegans and therefore not for me, but what I  realised last night is  Vegan places are not just places for vegans.

Although I was invited here to enjoy a meal at no cost to myself, this is not a sponsored  post, this is just my honest opinion to a lovely meal.


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