Comic Con Birmingham 

MCM Comic Con   hits Birmingham  this weekend and it is truly awesome! And believe me this fabulous, family friendly  day out is not just for geeks.
I managed to attend with Brumhour as their official ‘roving reporter’ but this event is just too much fun and deserves sharing on my page as well as my review on Brumhour. (Please check it out if you can.)

Located at the fabulous space that is Birmingham  NEC, a huge exhibition  space  with more than ample car parking, as well as Resorts World for shopping, dining and hotel, and the  railway station all within walking distance this is a great venue. Although the car park is so huge it took us 15minures to walk from our car to the exhibition  centre, shuttle buses do run throughout the day. 

I arrived at 9am dressed in my Catwoman outfit and I found a few Batman’s  but the photo below may well have been my favorite Batman, this little superhero rocked the ‘cool dude’  persona . He was wearing odd shoes and I really wish I knew why.

Tortoiseshell  Catwoman meets Batman

      Catwoman met Red Son  Batman

 I loved the folk who had made so much effort to dress in outfits, be they home made or shop bought, there is a lot of love and effort goes into the costumes. I saw everything, and I mean absolutely everything from Disney  characters  to Japanese  anime, Freddie Mercury to Chewbacca, the Predetor to a baby Supergirl. With people in costumes ranging from babes in arms to pensioners, Comic Con is a lot of fun.

The atmosphere  is buzzing, energetic and incredibly  friendly. I was thrilled to bump into a couple of my friends from the zombie world that were there to promote a new South Korean zombie movie. 

There was also absolutely  oodles of celebrities  there. It really is great fun to be so close to your favorite TV and movie stars. For the majority  the celebs  expect you the customer to pay for a photo , an autographed picture or a selfie, but I was caught off guard just staring at one of my childhood hero’s,  Peter Purvis  from Blue Peter and Dr Who and I was just so chuffed that he called me over for a chat.  OK,  it was still very early and the majority of the public hadn’t yet entered the NEC  but what a lovely man to spend five minutes chatting to me. When he went to shake my hand I said “blow that, give me a hug! You’re my childhood hero” and yes I got a hug and a kiss from this lovely gentleman.

Other celebrities we saw included  the cast of Red Dwarf, Michael Landes, the cast of Allo  Allo,  and Keith Lemon, who gave a great preview of his upcoming TV show ‘The Keith & Paddy picture show’ Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul and Antonia Fargas the original  1970s Starskey & Hutch with Huggy Bear.

Brumhour had tried to get a one on one interview with Keith Lemon and although we failed with that I did manage to ask Keith Lemon who had left him starstruck.

With the celebrities available for a chat, a selfie or an autographed  photo,  a cinema showing exclusive  clips of TV shows or even full movies and lots of vendors selling membrobelia this really was a great day out. The NEC  also has plenty of pit stops if you want a drink, a snack or a meal as well as seating for folks just in need of five minutes respite,  we did walk a lot on Saturday. 

Although the best price for tickets was by pre-booking , tickets were still available on the day too. 

I loved my time at MCM COMIC CON  and I’m looking forward to attending the next one in November (18th-19th),  only next time I am planning to take my grandson Theo as I know he will love seeing all the cos  players. 

We stopped a couple of times for drinks, although they are pricey, as you expect when you are the captive audience but service was impressively swift and it was a jolly nice glass of wine I had too in a clean restaurant with a lovely smiley lady serving.  There were also phone charging points available, so all in all a fab day out. 

Just a footnote: I had had to let my red hair fade out for some acting work prior to Comic Con but did not have time to colour it before I visited Comic Con, hence the tortoiseshell  catwoman. Today I made time and am once again a vibrant redhead. Maybe next time I should go as Poison Ivy.



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