Stable: pizza, pie and cider

Last night Mr. Red and I attended yet another fabulous  production at The New Alexandra  theatre and my review for The Commitments  will be on Brumhour. Enough to say it was terrific. 

Before the show we wanted to eat and I told Mr. Red that the Stable was the perfect choice as it is just around the corner from the New Alex, located on John Bright street.

The Stable is famous for its pizzas and cider, now they are already onto a winner with me for that combination  but last night we tried the pies.  
                     Lamb Bam Boogie.

I had the lamb pie which is on the menu as  Lamb Bam Boogie and had mouth meltingly tender chunks of lamb with rosemary, very nice it was too. Mr. Red opted for the steak  pie which is on the menu as Steak Out and has mushrooms, horseradish  and stout. Again another mouth melting pie, both arrived on wooden chopping boards served with hand cut chips, salad and chutney as well as a perfectly crunchy pickled onion. 

We thoroughly  enjoyed our pies and at £9.50 I found the top quality meal to be fantastic value. The pies have a lovely crust, not as flakey as puff pastry but definitely  more interesting than a shortcrust pastry with a deep filling and a pastry bottom (too many places call their offering a pie, then it disappointingly has no pastry bottom)

Our service was exceptional , the sign up said “take a seat and order at the bar” and it was getting crowded so the manager directed us to a table and changed the sign to “please wait to be seated” so do watch out when you enter. We explained that we was on our way to the theatre. He guaranteed us we would be served on time to make our show and he was true to his word. Other members of staff stopped by to check everything was OK with our meal (it was) and to clear away used glasses, wipe tables next to us  etc. 

Last night we didn’t have the pizza but having had them before I can reassure you that they are jolly good.  So maybe next time I can tempt Mr. Red into trying one of the quirky  named pizzas.  The pizzas all have names that somehow connect them to the locality.  

With its relaxed atmosphere  and wooden benches at long tables it’s great for dining with a big group of friends or a young family, simple and unfussy enough to be welcoming yet with low lighting and candles on the tables should you want a slightly more intimate meal. As well as plentiful  outdoors seating for the warmer months or for the smokers.

The menu varies at each city, so check to see if you have a local branch, the cider menu also varies, according to availability.

Great food and outstanding service make the Stable  another of Birmingham gems and somewhere I look forward to returning too soon. 



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