Hippodrome theatre and Minmins noodle bar.

I was invited by fellow blogger Dave from Brumhour on WordPress to the launch of Billy Elliot the musical at the Hippodrome  this week.

The Hippodrome  is a spectacular  theatre located in the heart of China town and five minutes walk front New Street station, so it’s ideal for visitors to our fine city for a night out of dinner and a show. 

Do not be misled by the Hippodrome’s glamorous  new exterior, beneath  that shiney glass and light facade lies a heart of a very traditional  auditorium which has been on Hurst street since the late 1800s.

Inside as well as being equally modern and shiney all around the bar area there is ample space for the 1850 guests and lifts to help the less able bodied patrons get to their seat.

Billy Elliot is showing until 29th April and I can highly recommend  this show, it made me laugh and then it made me cry. With tears tumbling down my cheeks at the end of act one Dave  offered me a hug, I explained I wasn’t sad, just so very emotional at the beautiful dancing. There is some truly breathtaking  choreography as well as some colourful language  in this production  so it’s not suitable for all the family but it is well worth seeing, you can get tickets here:https://www.birminghamhippodrome.com/whats-on/#close

As we had been invited to the press launch we had a lot of fun, as well as giving us a boxing ring and ballet tutus to use for some photos of the evening we were treated to some delicious  cocktails  with vodka, ginger, raspberry and mint and we saw lots of food being bought out. We had already dined at Minmins noodle bar prior to arriving at the Hippodrome. 

Our meal at Minmins was really nice and a bargain at £22.00 for two main courses and two drinks. A contemporary  space decorated in vibrant green with lovely service. It was a great choice again by Dave as I had never visited before. Portions were huge, hot and tasty. 

                    Minmins noodle bar

 We were certainly  spoiled with the reception we received and although I have visited  the Hippodrome  plenty of times in the past I had never realised just how big it was ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak. But with a private function room for press launch rather than the usual roped off corner of one of the ample bars, plenty of tasty nibbles, wine, beer and cocktails, a band playing in the foyer and even a smattering  of celebrities the Hippodrome  certainly pulled out all the stops for us. So thank you Dave for inviting me as your plus one.

It was a long running show, three hours including interval but Hurst Street had ample black cabs waiting outside.  I enjoyed a very pleasant  walk to my train station as it was such a mild evening and with the crowds spilling out onto the streets I certainly  have never felt worried walking anywhere through my beloved Birmingham city centre  no matter what time it is. 

One final picture of Dave wearing his miners helmet  just because it’s so gosh darn cute and the Hippodrome  had given us so many fun props to play with. 


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