Walker Stalker at London Olympia.

Firstly I make no apology  for this blog not being about Birmingham. But hopefully you will find it interesting. I know a lot of my views come from overseas, so today I’m sharing about London. 

This weekend Mr. Red and I travelled to London to take part in what was basically a zombie convention. Walker Stalker con at London Olympia was a chance for fans to meet the stars of AMC The Walking Dead as well as some big names from the show,  stalls selling merchandise, t-shirts and the like the fans could queue to meet their favorite celebrities  from American horror Story and  Bates motel  or pay for a photo and have a chat with their favorite actor.


Olympia is easily accessible  from the underground and is a fantastic exhibition  space, it still looks pretty much like it did when it was built in 1886 but has obviously  had improvements such as modern toilets  and lighting, and it has ample places for drinks and food although they are quite pricey. Two pre-prepared  sandwiches a coffee and a wine was around £20. It is a beautiful example of Victorian  arcitecture.

Mr. Red and I had been invited to work on the scare attraction as Walkers in a fully immesive  experience where guests were ‘rescued’ by a guide who took them through the walker infested maze, the guests then arrived at the cannibalistic group where a chain saw wielding maniac chased them further into the maze to their final encounter with Negan and his men. This was a great fun experience  for people and at only £5.00  it was great value too. Silent Studios  had pulled out all the stops to make sure guests had a genuinely scarey experience.  We made lots of people scream and even made a few cry.

  Our Negan lookalike with 2 walkers.

Our make up artists were super and very talented, and we thoroughly  enjoyed being actual walkers for The Walking Dead,  it was an amazing opportunity.  We also got up close and personal with so many of the stars of the show and the producer Greg Nicotero. Even though we got home tired, bruised and sore this was something I am so proud to be able to say “I was a walker” 

Having to arrive at 6.00am for makeup we had a superb chance to see and again chat with our hero’s of the show before the doors opened to the public.  Josh McDermitt (Eugene) came through as we were in make up and I was gutted I could not get my phone out to snap a shot of him but he did say good morning to us all and nobody can take my memories of that away. 

Mr. Red and I have watched The Walking Dead  since the beginning  and I could never have even imagined that I would be working with these people, whose characters  we now know and love.

I did however get a selfie with Xander Berkeley (Gregory)  and I’m not ashamed to be a very happy and smiley Walker.

           Me with Xander Berkeley 

It was great to meet up with old friends, the zombie actors are always lovely people, it was great to make new friends too. This weekend was a real treat. It helped that we had booked a super little boutique  hotel The Chiswick Rooms, (Goldhawk road) spotlessly clean,  with fantastic hot and powerful showers (some hotel showers are less shower and more dribble ) and at just under £100 per night a real bargain for such a great location,  we were 2 minutes walk from the tube (Stamford Brook) and had ample shops, bars and restaurants  very close by. 

Rooms are small, but perfectly formed and I can highly recommend  the Greek restaurant KaliMari  just around the corner  about 60 seconds from the Chiswick rooms.

 From one happy Walker can I say, staying in London is always great, but it does reinforce  just how much nicer and cheaper Birmingham  is. 

            A few of the scare actors. 

  All photos taken by myself except for the final photo which is by The Green Screen Company.


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