Verity Milligan exhibition at jewellery museum.

When I first moved to Birmingham  five years ago I was already in love with my city, but seeing some of the beautiful  landscape  photographs by Verity Milligan made me even more appreciative  of the urban beauty right on my doorstep.

Last night the Jewellery  Quarter museum  hosted their first exhibition of Veritys stunning work and it coincided  with the museums 25th birthday celebrations.  

What a wonderful event at a wonderful venue. I did not realise there is a jewellery  museum  right in the heart of the jewellery  quarter at 75-80 Vyce street. 

As well as the museum they have a tea rooms and I am planning a return visit for a proper look around. Last night was a very well attended event and not the ideal time for a mooch around the shop and tea rooms.

I highly recommend  you visit if you have the chance. Veritys photos fill their own room and prints are available  to purchase at an incredibly  affordable  £25 each (unframed). I had gone with my husband and Mr. Red wanted to buy a picture but we couldn’t narrow our choice down so we will have to return when we know where we want to hang our picture, that may help in our decision.

I was thrilled to meet Verity, and we had a lovely little chinwag, although she was obviously  in high demand. I didn’t get chance to ask her which her favourite  picture is but I did find out she has no formal training, proof indeed that real talent is within the artist and not something that can be taught. I also found that Verity uses a digital camera rather than classic film, something that genuinely  suprised me.

Thank you to the jewellery  museum for being superb  hosts, I do hope to see you again soon. 

I had a wonderful time, it was lovely to see so many pictures that I had previously  only seen on news articles and the like and lovely to put a face to the name Verity Milligan. If you check out veritys website you can see  for yourself  just how beautiful her work is and our city is.   



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