Manchester Seafood restaurant.  (1 Wrottesley Street Birmingham)

Looking for a restaurant in Chinatown is not hard, deciding where to eat IS hard. So today we decided to try a new place, Manchester Seafood Restaurant , what’s not to love? We both love seafood, we both love Chinese food, we were in for a treat, but to dine and enjoy it here you must be willing to open your mind.

         I have no idea what this says!

First, apart from a tiny bit of signage you’d never know its a restaurant here, second, you enter the restaurant through the fresh fish counter of a wet fish (and live fish) shop, third, the staff explained to us that “this is not a western restaurant , it’s for Chinese people.” So it’s not your usual but oh my, it’s  fresh, different, generous, authentic and super tasty. I can not wait for our next visit, our waiter promised to recommend some “really good stuff for next visit”  

I actually feel a bit mean because I feel I have found a genuine gem and I don’t want all the world to find it.

The ladies toilets are spotless and modern. 

The toilets are in the basement and amazingly modern, spotlessly clean, always a good sign in my book. You have to enter and leave through the fish shop, I don’t like the fish shop, the carp in the tank looked overcrowded, the sea cucumber in the display cabinet looked like the dog “toffees” our dog leaves in the garden(enough said) .

Now, onto our meal: I ordered crab and tofu, Keith ordered prawns, my crab was huge, plenty big enough to serve 3 or maybe 4 people, it arrived with crackers to break into the shell, picks to pick the meat out, wet wipes. All served in a bowl of tofu and spiced sauce , it was beautiful, the tofu was fresh, soft and super silky . The huge bowl of scheztwan prawns served in a thick broth with beansprouts was way too big for two people, and very hot, making peeling of prawns quite difficult but still great food. The Singapore vermicelli was definatly the best I have ever had, once again a massive portion, genorous with prawns and meat. 

    Crab with tofu. A generous  portion.

I know we shall return to this restaurant, and I completely understand if you visit and say it’s not for you, it’s maybe not for everyone, if you go hoping to enjoy sweet and sour pork balls you will be disappointed.  But I loved the food, it’s a nice restaurant once you have gone through the wet fish shop, I was fascinated by the £200 bottles of Chinese booze and the waiter trying to describe them to me. 

To sum up, if you are open minded and like seafood, try this restaurant . If you like sweet and sour or beef in black bean sauce with peppers, you may be disappointed as the food is very different  to what I am used to. But if you visit Birmingham then a visit to China town is a must. 


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