New Street  station and lunch at Pho.

This  is such a massive improvement  on how it used to be. It was dingy,  concrete  and very much the worst of  1970s archetecture, but now it’s just like the future I was promised as a child! Light, bright and airy with a very futuristic feel thanks to the led lights in the ceiling around the massive skylight.very much puts me in mind of spaceships 🙂 It just feels nice to be in here now.  Plenty of places to shop, eat and drink means you can easily while a way a few hours if you’re stuck between connections at the much improved  train station.  

Amazing skylight and plenty of shops.

I appreciate  the beauty of the shiney clad exterior every bit as much as the cathedral  proportions  of the interior. It’s such a massive change and a really nice way to let visitors to Birmingham  see just how modern and beautiful our city really is. A great representative of a city that is  ever reinventing itself, hopefully  this will go some way to quashing the rumours of Birmingham  being an ugly, grey concrete carbuncle.

Having picked my daughter up from the train it was time to explore the plethora  of new eateries at Grand Central and we decided Pho (pronounced Foo i am informed) smelt very tempting.

Only wanting a light lunch as I had a big evening meal planned,  noodles seemed an inspired choice. 
The food was really good, a big bowl of vermicelli  noodles in a spicy broth ( you get the choice of spicey or less spiced)   with a variety of vegetables  and some generous  chunks of meat ( I opted for the chicken noodles and my daughter plumped for king prawn)  topped with bean sprouts , shredded carrots, onion and finely chopped chili. We both had the spicy  and it was very tasty. The waitress explained that our dish was not served hot but room temperature,  but the noodles and broth were both adequately  hot, the salad on top did cool it but it was okay for me. (Once you have been a parent you really do forget what hot food is and I have always been ok with lukewarm meals)

Service was relaxed and bearing in mind it is located in the train station they maybe need to rethink the speed of Service, luckily we was arriving and not departing . 

The homemade lemonade is certainly worth trying and in my opinion that was a 10/10  neither too sharp nor too sweet. 

Nice enough food and a good size portion for only £8.  My daughter already informed me she wants to eat Vietnam  food again before she heads home. Being in a great location for the traveller Pho will do well but if my daughter wants Vietanames food again I think the food is better at Sung Tuoi . But horses for courses and Pho is so much nicer than a sad sandwich bar if you want to eat a Grand Central,  the slowish service didn’t put me off at all, it was lunchtime and busy. 

We enjoyed our meal, although we didn’t try the desserts there was a selection of desserts on offer too. Maybe next time eh.


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