Chi kitchen in Debenhams

Chi Kitchen is located on the third floor of Debenhams and is a beautiful space with floor to ceiling windows, decorated in contemporary  blues with an open kitchen. 
Chicken curry. Special fried rice with egg.

Salt & pepper squid. Coconut prawns.

The food on offer is a variety  of Asian foods so there really is something for everyone. From mildly spiced and super tasty curry to sushimi and sweet gyoza for desserts, food is fresh, light (they proudly  boast of no msg) and tasty. 
The prawns in creamy coconut sauce are a treasure, I was just frustrated that they came out after duck salad with watermelon, chicken curry, special rice, various little dim sum treats and salt & pepper squid to name but a few of our dishes. 

Full bar.

Attentive  staff were replacing dishes and taking away empty plates, fetching drinks and full of advice on all the meals. Owner Eddie made himself known to everyone and was a charming man, his passion for good food is obvious. 
Chi kitchen is just perfect for lunchtimes but I shall be taking Keith there for our next date night, although the large round table in the middle of the restaurant  is the ideal party table if you’re out with a crowd. 

Fresh fish.

Yet another jewel in the foodie crown for Birmingham,  don’t let Chi Kitchen be a hidden gem. It’s worth remembering  that they also have a breakfast menu and a great cocktail menu. Don’t pass Chi Kitchen off as just another department  store diner, once you are seated you will forget you are in a store within the Bullring shopping centre.


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