Donny Osmond at Genting arena

When I was very young and a massive  Donny Osmond fan, as almost every girl was in the 1970s I made myself a promise that I would one day have a date with Donny. It took some 40 plus years but Friday 3rd February  I made good on my promise.

We bought tickets last year and February  seemed so long away but at long last I actually got to see my first love in the flesh. 

Not only did Donny give a wonderful show  but his personality  shone throughout, this man is gosh darn perfect. He is still as incredibly handsome as he ever was, he is a talented singer, very funny with a great sense of humour and his love and gratitude  to his fans was obvious.  After all without his army of fans he would not be where he is now. So Donny dedicated  about 30 minutes of his show to answering questions, singing requests and coming into the crowd for hugs, kisses and photo opportunities.  What a genuine star! The show started at 8.00pm right on time and straight to the main act. The air was heavy with HRT and the men were outnumbered 300/1 Donny fans all seemed to be ‘women of a certain age’ (my age!) 

He covered all his hits, I sang along to Puppy Love,  Crazy Horses, Young love and Moon River. He talked with affection about his home life, his brothers, his childhood and his beginnings on the Andy Williams show. 
I was also able to enjoy some of his newer songs and a superb rendition of Any Dream Will Do  from Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour  Dreamcoat  where we were treated to Mr Osmond wearing the actual Dreamcoat and wig from the stage show. 

With a big screen to make sure we didn’t miss a thing,  unfortunately  for us our seats were far from great and there was a couple of speakers right in front of the big screen, but nothing was going to put a downer on this long awaited date with Donny. 

Whilst answering questions from his legion of fans Donny had a request from one lucky lady who was at the Genting arena on her wedding anniversary,  she had Donny serenade her inches from her face with a hug at the end, another request came from the back of the upper level seats. Was I super impressed with Donny when he clambered up the barriers from the lower level so as to serenade yet another fan? Oh yes! At 59 he is still in great shape. 

It was the perfect night, sadly we had to hurry away for the last train just before the end of his last song but he had been on stage for almost 3 hours by then and the last train was at 11.15 and it is quite a stretch of the legs to get to the train station.

I rather cheekily tried to negotiate  a discount on my program, it was after all the last night of his tour and at £15  it was the same price as other show programs,  we had a chicken wrap from Theos  at the Genting which at £6.50 was pretty good value for a captive  audience, sadly my wrap must have been hanging about for some time as it was very dry and hard but I enjoyed the chicken and salad, Keith’s  was soft and fresh. A glass of bubbly at Frizzenti  at New Street station on our way could have been embarrassing  as I had forgotten it is a cashless bar and Keith had not taken his debit card but a lovely lady paid on her card for us and we gave her the cash. 

It was a lovely evening and I am thrilled I got to see my first love and that my current love was not at all jealous. A DVD was being filmed at the Birmingham  leg of this tour and I look forward to buying a copy of it. February  3rd was a night to remember. 

Ozzy Osbourn was playing with Black Sabbath at the Genting arena on the same night, I wonder if the two Mr. O’s  met up and had a chat? It’s hard to find two more polar opposites than squeaky clean Donny and Ozzy! The sound proofing must be pretty hardcore as I didn’t hear so much as a peep from the other half of the arena. I presume  the Genting arena had been divided into two, but as it was my first visit here I’m not sure. 

Friday was a perfect night, one I will remember  for ever. I’m so pleased that my first love is every bit as perfect as I always knew he would be.



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