Review of my year.

Sadly 2016 was a year of loss in the celebrity year starting with David Bowie and ending with Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds but for me it was another good year. 

In JANUARY we filmed a TV Ident  (that’s the advert for the channel, like the swimming hippos that advertise bbc1) and we are on channel 185 True crime every day, it was  a freezing January day but another fabulous  experience. 

FEBRUARY I reviewed one of Birmingham’s newest restaurants Chi Kitchen,  and met Ping Coombs, masterchef winner and had a cookery masterclass, thank you Brumhour, I love doing reviews for you. 

 MARCH I  was in a crowd scene for an up coming BBC film, Jawbone,  due for release in March ’17  staring Ian Mcshane, Michael Smiley and Ray Winstone, written by Johnny Harris.I met boxing champ Barry McGuigan, probably  one of only 4 boxers I could recognise  and name by sight. 

In APRIL Mr. Red and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with a romantic trip to Paris. We both loved Paris, the food,  the culture, the people, the scenery and architecture made for a perfect mini break. We look forward to returning to this beautiful and friendly city. Don’t believe everything you’ve heard about Parisians, we found them a delight.

In MAY Mr. Red and I visted the midlands comic convention where I met  the cast of Red Dwarf,  my absolute  highlight being Danny John Jules . What a charming man he was. 

May was also the month my daughter Amy visited with our newest grandchild. Skarlett  (yes it is spelled with a k rather than a c)  Amy and I replicated a photo of me with my eldest. Let me know what you think please. There is no denying the family resemblance with both myself and my daughter and the babies. 

May the ice-bar came to Birmingham, and grandchildren Jessica, and twins Theo  and Alexis visted, we went to the gay pride parade, what a busy month.

JUNE was the annual zombie walk, as usual we had some fellow zombies stop over night.  We did the walk and enjoyed a meal at Nosh & Quoff as well as beers at a few venues in town. It’s amazing how far people travel to take part. 

June is also the month of our good friends annual summer solstice party. This year’s theme being the Wild West. Mr. Red went as Stinky Pete and I was cowgirl Jess from toy story. 

JULY Mr. Red and I drove to the city of Hull to take part in Spencer Tunicks art instalation  were we got naked and painted blue. What a fun event this was, I’m very much looking forward  to visiting Hull again later this year to see the exhibition of which I was a part of.

In AUGUST Mr. Red and I went to London to take part in the Crystal Maze experience.  It was everything we hoped for. Very much like the original 1990s TV show. Followed by a show (Kinky Boots) and a meal. 

SEPTEMBER in Birmingham  was the moon festival, taking part in China town this was a full on VIP event with food, drinks, magicians, a lantern parade and Birmingham’s  mayor. 

OCTOBER was The Rocky Horror Show at the New Alexandre theare.  A fabulous show where all the audience participate in wild fancy dress. I’ve reviewed somewhere around 15 theatre shows this year but Rocky Horror will always be one of my favorite shows. Again I have to thank Brumhour for another amazing opportunity. 

NOVEMBER was another busy month. The lantern festival, a weekend in Liverpool,  the German market and a visit to Two Towers brewery located behind the Gunmakers Arms. Well worth a visit. 

DECEMBER is a crazy month for everyone and for Red & Gold it was no different.  A Rod Stewart  concert,  meeting Mica Paris at Chicago the musical,  buzzing around delivering presents to my family,  decorating the house and a day filming another zombie movie in Oxfordshire. 

All in all it was a lovely year, we welcomed a new grandchild Skarlett into the family. Grandchildren Lilly and Lucas moved here and are currently living with us, I was invited to review loads of theatre productions including Sunny Afternoon, Little Shop of Horrors and The Glenn Miller story at the New Alex,  I met some super people whilst filming,  I ate some wonderful meals including a birthday celebration  at Purnells. I thank my lucky stars for the life I’m leading.  


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