Happy 2017

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish everyone a happy, healthy and successful  new year.

Christmas was a very traditional  affair for us. I got to spend time with all my family having had my twin grandchildren  Theo and Alexis age 5 and older sister Jessica 11 come to stay for a few days in the run up to the big day to help out their mum with childcare whilst she worked hard (Elizabeth is a hairdresser and her salon was as busy as any good hairdressers would be) 

Alexis drew me a beautiful picture of Rudolph on the tablet, I am looking to have it printed  onto a long sleeved t-shirt to use as next year’s Christmas jumper.

Elizabeth asked if we could do her Christmas food shop as she just wasn’t going to squeeze  it in with work, Christmas food shopping for two families is not twice as much fun as shopping for one! It involves two trollies, one for us and one for Liz, I think I did pretty well considering all her shopping list consisted of was “everything I need for christmas” Returning the twins back home involves a 50 mile drive and we dropped off all the gifts, groceries and the children before heading over to my middle daughter Amy,where we all went out for a meal. We opted to dine at the Real Burger company, it may not be very traditional  but it was a great choice, no queue, great service,lovely burgers  and very family friendly. It’s certainly somewhere im looking forward to returning to next time we visit Nottingham. 

As per tradition, I spent Christmas  eve preparing for the annual feast that is Christmas  lunch. Veggies peeled, stuffing made, pigs wrapped in blankets, cranberry sauce made (amazingly easy to make from scratch. ..chuck berries into a pan, cover with water, bring to boil, add sugar to taste when berries have broken down, simmer, leave to cool) with no help from Jonnie B. Good!

Lilly  and Lucas  slept in on Christmas  morning, I woke around 7am then I woke Mr. Red and we chatted getting louder and louder until eventually Lilly  awoke! Once Lilly is awake everyone is. One up all up is her mantra.

The snowy footprints made across the carpet in Lilly”s bedroom to the plate of mince pie, carrot and sherry, the pile of gifts under the tree, the reindeer food outside the front door (porridge  oats and glitter)  were proof positive that the jolly red suited man had visited whilst we slumbered. 

Lilly had a favorite  present, her dressing table (from my parents)  she spent ages sorting out her new make-up and organising it on her dressing table. Don’t fret, her make-up was some lip gloss and peel off nails. But her dressing table lights up just like a proper theatre actress’ mirror and the hairdryer  works. Well done great-granny and   great-grandpop.

I loved my traditional  family Christmas,  Mr. Red says he wants Christmas  away some time. It ain’t ever gunna  happen, Christmas is about being with family at home. 

I did enjoy our visit to our lovely local pub. We all donned Santa  hats, Lilly had on her  christmas sweater  and leggings, sunglasses and a sequined scarf, all very Audrey Hepburn, Golds other half had his Santa  coat on, we were all beaten by our bar manager who had his Christmas suit and tie! 


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