Keep Dancing at New Alexander Theatre Birmingham 

A post by Gold, aka Sarah.

Last night was my first experience of the New Alexander Theatre in Birmingham and wow what a fabulous experience that was!

Walking in through the large glass doors gave me the impression it was a rather modern building.  Red and I received a very warm welcome as Red is now a regular here,  in the entrance it is large and well laid out. We walked up the stairs which are decorated with stunning statues totally fitting with the theatre theme and we came to a lady playing Christmas songs on the piano was very classy and gave a great atmosphere. The bar and press corner are well organised and plenty of staff to assist if needed, the staff are professional, smart and more than capable to hold and conversation (which unfortunately has become difficult to find nowadays).

As we entered the theatre the initial modern decor was left at the door, this room was fantastic it was exactly how I imagined a theatre when I was a young girl. I can happily say with the biggest smile this room was just perfect! Perfectly laid out, perfectly decorated perfectly lit.  The room is just like a traditional theatre should be.

When the curtains went up we was greated to a fabulous dance to the song ‘You should be dancing’, the songs all night were sang by Lisa Marie Holmes, Harriette Mullen and Adam Warmington who did such a fantastic job,  Lisa-Marie has such a unique voice I have a strong feeling she will go far she carried out every song, every note to such a high standard.

The seven dancers on stage complimented each other beautifully the outfits throughout the whole night made my jaw drop, I did have a few moments I was thinking about all the people working hard back stage to ensure such a quick and efficient change was made. The organisation must have been on form!

Then we had are guess stars Anna Garnish was as gorgeous as ever her foot work was so fast, accurate and highly executed. I must say I could have sat and watched her all night. Louis Smith also made an entrance with his contagious smile and limber body he was an absolute pleasure to watch. And last but by no means least my overall favourite Robin Windsor he made me laugh, he made he hold my breath he had me exactly where the choreographers wanted I loved how he moved around on stage how when he entered I was mesmerised he most definitely owned the stage.

If you are in Birmingham from 6 – 10 December I would highly recommend a night watching angelic singers and talented  dancers.

Many thanks to Brum hour and the New Alexander Theatre.


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