Hands on at Paul Bakery

Some months ago I was invited to a hands on bread making course at Paul Bakery in Grand Central.

As well as being a fabulous  coffee shop and patisserie you can have lessons from master bakers here and learn how to make great bread. 

If you’ve not yet visited Paul you’re missing a treat. This is a quality coffee shop and in summer the iced coffee is delicious, the take away sandwiches are an ideal  choice for the traveller  in need of a snack for a long journey and so much better than the pre-packed sandwiches  you will get from the supermarket or on board the train. The cakes and pastries are exquisite  and would rival any French patisserie and the fresh breads are well worth going out of your way for but I was here to make bread.

Our evening was hosted by two delightful bakers and they talked us through the whole process  before letting us get stuck in.Unfortunately  this was a few months ago and I can not recall their names, I’m so sorry as they really were charming chaps.

At the end of our masterclass in bread making we had our own dough which we bought home and I baked my own fresh bread 

As well as being lots of fun and really useful for anyone who thinks they can’t make bread, this would be a great ‘team building’ exercise. Bread making is suprisingly easy but if you lack confidence  then this could be just the push start your bread making needs. 

This final picture is my very own fabulous  creation made with the dough I was sent away with. 

Even if you don’t take a bread making masterclass a visit to Paul bakery in Grand Central is well worth a visit if it’s just to pick up some of their delicious  fresh bread or to stay a while and enjoy a coffee .  


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