Chinese lantern festival

The Botanical Gardens at Westbourne Road,  Edgbaston  has a magical Christmas themed Chinese  lantern exhibit on at the moment and it is just beautiful. 

We booked our tickets online and the very earliest time slots were booked up but we arrived for our 6.45 time and I took about an hour to walk around with a toddler as Lucas wanted to get up close to these beautiful creations. Not every item is entirely Christmassy but it really didn’t matter as they are all exquisite . The finer features looked like they were hand painted, and I couldn’t see how the lights had gotten inside of each item.

Most of these are very large, over ten foot tall for some and it really is very atmospheric, there was even some traditional  Chinese  music playing in areas. 

As well as Lilly  and Lucas we had twins Alexis and Theo  age 5 and Jessica 11 so we booked a large taxi which was a really clever move as the tiny car park could not cope with the volume  of visitors. I recommend  a taxi or bus if you want to attend, you will struggle to park if you try to drive yourself there. 

The camera I use is only on my phone but it is a really good camera, unfortunately  no camera can really convey the true beauty of these lovely lanterns. Lucas  age 2 was enthralled and kept saying “wow…so beautiful” it was lovely that at such a tender age he was impressed.

With a choice of food vans both inside and outside we plumped for some tasty pork sausages for the kiddies, a bit too large for Lilly  and Lucas, they shared one and I filled up on a hot roast pork bap, but there are other options which even included a firepit to toast marshmallows  over. 

A number of  vendors are also selling those illuminated  wands, we bought one each for the little ones, had we thought about it we could have taken Lilly and lucas’ from home as we had bought them both a light up wand from the German  market last week, so if you’re taking your younger family members and you already have an illuminated  toy this a great place to take them. 

The footpaths were quite well lit up but it was still quite dark in places, I’d recommend  a torch if you can remember  to bring one. This was a lovely family evening out.


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