Birmingham  museum  and art gallery . 

I had been invited to try the Christmas menu at BMAG, so as I was visiting I thought it would be a perfect time for Lilly  and lucas to have a taste of culture, we visited the museum after I had tried the menu in The Edwardian  tearooms. 

I must admit I could have enjoyed a lot more time in here but we really didn’t want the children to get bored. There was lots of local history and in the child friendly zones plenty of hands on activities for our younger tourists.

I’m so glad we did stay as I found out that the mobile  planetarium  would be visiting BMAG on the Saturday of the week we visited, so I already had my return visit planned. 

As well as some really nice pieces on show and some great local history there is the restaurant  which is in the Edwardian  Tea rooms and they have not only tea or coffee but some great food and a drinks licence . I had mistakenly thought it was just somewhere to call into for a drink and a slice of cake, but they also offer a full English breakfast or a roast turkey dinner as well as traditional  afternoon tea and it’s all set in a really pretty room. 

Lilly and Lucas played in an old fashioned kitchen and I think that was   Lillys  favorite part, but she also dressed up in some tudor clothes and sat in a chair that she was convinced was a throne (it was not a throne, but hey who am I to burst her bubble?)

We parked the pushchair, handbags and coats in a very handy locker  which only cost £1.00 and was well worth the cost, as it was very warm in BMAG and Lucas didn’t want to be in his pushchair when there was so much fun to be had pressing buttons.

I’m looking forward to returning with the children when they are a little bit older and to taking my other grandchildren  at some point soon. Mr. Red and I did return on the Saturday for the mobile planetarium, as I have never visited a planetarium  before, sadly it was quite small, smaller than I was hoping but I do know now that I need to visit a ‘proper’ planetarium  sometime. I’d recommend  taking children to the mobile one though, a terrific fun way for children to get interested in the planets. 


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