The Christmas market.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ,  in fact stick a fork in me, because I’m done! I have finished my Christmas shopping and now am looking forward to enjoying the run up to the big day. 

The inevitable  trip to Birmingham  German  Christmas  market took place and I’m happy to report it is as wonderful as ever. I know it’s deemed fashionable by some to not love this market but for our family the market  is and always will be part of our Christmas.  That first cup of hot Gluhwien  well and truly says “it’s Christmas ”

Whilst I have seen Christmas markets that offer more to entertain the younger family members,but lily and Lucas did enjoy a ride on the carousel, this market is bigger than most and makes for a great place to find some unusual  gifts. As well as gift ideas ranging from traditional  wooden toys to knitwear or rock salt candles  there is the usual tasty treats. Lily and Lucas  enjoyed a creamy hot chocolate  whilst the grown ups had sour cherry Gluhwien ,  obviously  being a German market the sausages are always really good and this year we had a half a metre sausage  in a lovely fresh bagette and bought home some dried sausage to use in cooking and some nuts, so very morish that the nuts never made it home. 

I appreciate  that a lot of the goods on sale here are over priced, and the stolen which is three times the price of Lidl  stolen is no nicer than the Lidl stolen, so my  top tip is buy your stolen from Lidl and spend your hard earned cash on the fabulous sausages here.

The atmosphere  here is lovely,  if you can time your visit to avoid it being super crowded.  It will never be quiet here so don’t expect that, but enjoy  the atmosphere  for what it is. I fell in love with this crowd of friends all wearing Christmas  hats and enjoying a drink together. It is a great way to get into the festival vibe  and it’s free to visit, you only have to spend if you want to, I know we will all be revisting it again in the next few weeks. 


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