A leak causes chaos! Or Wetherspoons  to the rescue.

Tuesday morning had the house awake before 6am as a pipe at the top of the house had burst and water was pouring through the middle floor light fitting and down the stairs to ground floor.

The hot water tank is at the very top of the house (the floor where Lilly and lucas  sleep) and is in the airing cupboard, unfortunately  over time a joint has apparently  worked loose according to the plumber who is still here as I type this. 

SO we have been 24 hours with no water, hot or cold, no heating and no lights at the top of the house as the water tripped the switch. 

Many many phone calls to our comprehensive  house insurance  to be told conflicting stories at most every call soon got to be very frustrating .  First we was told the insurance  would cover damage repairs but NOT repairs to the plumbing. Bearing in mind this is a new build house (6 years)  then we was told all repairs would be covered. We phoned last night to see if we could check into a local hotel, as no running water and no heating wasn’t very practical  for a family. Great news, we could get a hotel, if we claimed. But the bad news was that although the insurance  said they would pay for a hotel and a new carpet etc if we claimed that then we couldn’t claim for the repairs to the water tank, cost of plumber and having to have the ceiling removed and replaced. we opted to go for the full repairs and stayed  home last night. Luckily it wasn’t too cold. So yesterday’s breakfast was at our local Wetherspoons ,  hurrah for the traditional full English and friendly staff that are only a 2 minute walk from home. Although when the girl asked “is everything OK? ” I know she really meant “is everything OK with your food?” I couldn’t help but reply ” burst pipe, no water, ceiling being removed, no heating at home, so no!” bless her she took it as it was intended. A lovely breakfast certainly put everyone back in a happier frame of mind, and it was nice to know that the fully functioning  flushing toilets at our local are always clean.

Mr Red and I took a walk over again last night, mostly to use the toilets. the old saying that you never appreciate  what you have until it’s gone really does ring true when it comes to basic plumbing i.e. flushing loo! 

Hopefully today will see the household functioning  properly, it certainly doesn’t take long without water to look a huge mess. Not only is the constantly growing laundry already overflowing, cups, beakers and glasses are piling up, we bought bottled water so we could make drinks but we can not wash up! and floors that need regular  washing add a sorry look to any room. It’s a depressing mess, I desperately  need a shower and Gold announced she could not do the school run if she hadn’t showered! 

It’s no wonder the pub still seems so inviting, this is enough to make me turn to drink at 10am!

Update: the plumber has just left, the heating is on and we have hot water and flushing toilets. We are going to our local Wetherspoons  for lunch though.


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