Vintage Got Soul event.

Last night saw the first ever Vintage Got Soul event which took place at Chung Ying Central on Colmore Row.

What a a great evening it was, 6 local acts entertained us with some great covers of old classics and contemporary  tunes alike. Being held in a wonderful restaurant  we decided to take advantage  of both the great menu and lovely cocktails here whilst the singers kept the crowd entertained and it was very crowded. A great turnout for the first evening of live RnB, Soul and Blues music. 

I adore a good steamy dim sum and Chung Ying central do some of the best, so we ordered  a pot of oolong tea and approximately  our own body weight in dim sum. With the huge variety of these steamy, soft and succulent  treats we were truly spoilt for choice  but our waitress was as helpful as ever and even talked us in to trying the chicken feet! I’m so glad I did try them, they were in a beautifully sweet and tasty sauce. But I probably  will not have them again as I’m not a fan of skin and they are just tasty skin, but I can see the appeal and I did enjoy the four or five feet I slurped my way through. I much prefer  the steamy little dumplings of joy that arrive wrapped in a soft outer with pork, prawn or vegetable  fillings. we had a variety of pork, chicken and  seafoods. We also ordered a portion of the crispy belly pork as it is tasty and crispy and better than any belly pork I have ever had anywhere. A definite  favorite of ours.

I had a Chinese  zodiac cocktail and this time opted for a Tiger Mai  Tai. A rum based cocktail served in a tall glass and Gold had a Sheep, a gin based “gardeners choice” from the same zodiac menu . Gold said it tasted “springy”  I think she was referring to the brightness and freshness rather than any bouncy qualities, although I could have bounced back for a few more we decided to be sensible as it was a school night and we had already stopped off at The Alchemist on our way along Colmore  Row.

There you have the necessary  ingredients  for a fabulous  girls night out, perfect food with great service, lovely music, wonderful cocktails and the best of company. Not only being with my lovely  daughter but the friendly atmosphere  from everyone in attendance it all made for a really lovely event and I hope it will be repeated, not that we need an excuse to visit this lovely restaurant .  

We had, as always, over ordered and the staff boxed up the remains so as Mr. Red could have a tasty supper. It was the least we could do as he had babysat. 

SO many thanks to René for organising  and Chung Ying central for hosting what  was a relaxed yet sophisticated  night. we are already looking forward to next time. 


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