Family life.

Firstly I apologise  for a lack of posts but for the last two weeks my daughter Gold had to go on a course which kept her away from home and her two children. So for two weeks I was a very hands on grandmother and I’m happy to report that my child rearing is still as successful  as it was when I had my little girls, that is 100% as I managed to keep them all alive. But seriously what a whirlwind of a fortnight! 

Obviously  the children were very upset to say bye bye to mummy for two weeks, that is after all a massively long time without her but we wrote MUMMY in big red letters on the calandar and every morning before breakfast Lilly-Ann would do her best to draw a tick on the day, most all of her ticks were just a wobbly line but it helped to mark the days off. 

I soon found my routine and the kids settled into our day to day life,  I had to resurrect the super fast shower as it’s just not practical  to leave a three year old and a two year old unattended  for even a few minutes so long showers with time to wash, rinse and condition my hair were relegated  to evenings when the small fry were safely tucked into bed. 

Good things that happened included getting Lilly to stay in her own bed all night as she had been creeping into her mums bed every night since they moved in with us, Lilly would come into bed with me every morning around 5.30am and I loved those early morning cuddles. Sadly as soon as mummy was home she slipped straight back into bad habits. 

The school run meant a 1k walk to drop Lilly off and obviously the same distance back home followed by the same to pick her up and that 20k a week for two weeks has shifted a massive 8lbs of belly.

I can’t say there were no bad things because there was definitely  one. Lucas is a bit of an escape artist and has on previous  occasions  gotten out of the front door so I now insist on it being locked, unfortunately  this meant the time he took the keys out of the door as I discovered  as we was leaving to pick Lilly up from nursery and I was locked in and in a blind panic as to what would happen to lilly if I didn’t find the keys. Very fortunately  I did find the keys and ran with lucas  in his buggy to pick up Lilly.  Lesson learned, keys are now removed from the lock. (I’ve always locked the front door and left the keys in for easy access in case of emergency )

I got to pick lilly up on the last day of this half of the school term, that meant I got to see all the schools scarecrows that each class had made. I think the nursery  class scarecrow had had a lot of input from the teachers as it was substantially  better than the rest of the scarecrows. 

Lucas had his second birthday whilst mummy was away too. As granddad had to take his daughter to Cardiff  to view a potential university  that meant I had all the fun of building lucas’ birthday present,  a Toot-Toot drivers road set. 

Time spent with family is precious and I did love my time as a full time, hands on grandmother but I was also oh so pleased when mummy came back. Although after losing 8lbs in two weeks I shall keep up with the daily school run and I did love the one teacher who at school hometime, pointed lilly towards me and said “go on, there’s mummy there” I mean I’m under no illusions, I am grandmother not mother but it was lovely to be mistaken for a yummy mummy.I was wearing makeup that day,  I continued to pick her up in make up every day, it obviously  makes a difference.  That said, I don’t remember  my children’s nursery  days as being so clique-y. Not one parent speaks and that is kind of tragic that they are so willing to ignore people, it’s not like I’m shy and I have tried saying hello to the mums and grandparents that wait at the gate. 

We bought new bedding for lilly and lucas, lilly chose Disney Frozen and Lucas chose Paw Patrol (a TV series)  I had the cutest conversation  with lucas after buying his bedding and two pairs of Paw patrol pyjamas. It went thus :

 Lucas. I like my paw patwol  jarmas. 

Me: you like your paw patrol pyjamas?

L. I like my paw patwol  bed.

M. You like your paw patrol bed?

L. I like paw patwol  in telwwy. 

M. You like paw patrol on telly

L. I like my paw patwol jarmas.

Yes he really likes repetition, this conversation was repeated about five or six times. That said mummy Gold did say his speech has improved. 

They do say it takes a village to raise a child. I must admit I did feel like I was the village idiot some days and counted down the minutes until granddad got home and could lend a hand. 


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