Treat Kitchen. A new sweetie shop.

We have just discovered a new sweetie shop in Merry Hill shopping centre called Treat Kitchen. 

They sell oodles of lovely  sweets all packaged beautifully and we have already visited twice. 

The prices are really reasonable and we can confirm that it is lovely chocolate. 

With gift boxes available this is a great place to visit for Christmas gifts that look special too. 

Gold purchased a selection of goodies which she had packed into a straw lined gift box. I bought some Sours, which have such a high proportion  of acid in them to make them sour that I was told just a few grams more acid in the sweet mix and they would no longer be classed as foodstuff! So these are seriously  sour. 

If you’re looking for Treat Kitchen inside of Merry Hill, head up towards Eds Diner, they are almost opposite them. 

Aparantly  local to Nottingham it’s nice to see a new independent  store in my local shopping centre and I only hope they get enough business  to stay trading long after Christmas.  

As well as chocolates,  jelly beans, fudges and bon-bons they also carry a range of flavoured syrups for coffee and Two Birds flavoured vodkas. 

With pouches of sweets at under £3.00  and jars (think old school glass milk bottles) at under £5.00  and flasks of sours in chemistry lab style flasks at under £8.00 there is something for everyone. 


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