The Alchemist 

Red & Gold had our first invite to a bloggers event, exciting times and what a  fantastic first event it was for us. 

The Alchemist  invited us to try their wonderful cocktail menu the day before they officially opened. This is a fabulous  concept, the cocktails are great but the real magic comes from the theatre. With dry ice used in lots of their fantastic cocktails and the use of bunson burners and copper kettles there is plenty to see.

My first cocktail was a Smokey Old Fashioned which was smoked before our eyes! The smoke really did add a beautiful smokiness and it looked amazing as it was poured from the chemistry flask into a glass tumbler with an over sized ice cube.

A plentiful supply of canapés  kept circulating, very handy to help soak up all that alcohol. Gold had a Tickle Me Pink which is a refreshing and cool cocktail that is served with a syringe full of nettle sting extract. This was quite unlike anything I have ever experienced  before. We started by squirming the syringe full of nettle extract into our mouths, this gives a gentle buzz of a tingle. Not unpleasant  but decidedly  weird, much like licking a chilli pepper our whole mouth and even our lips buzzed (but it did not sting) then we cooled our mouth by sipping the rest of the cocktail. 

The interior  is lovely with a casual  feel  on the ground floor but if you go down to the basement bar which is only open on weekends, it’s darker and  decorated with glass fronted cupboards filled with antique chemistry accoutrements. The rather smart toilets are also located down in the basement. 

We had such a wonderful time here we tried to return the next night but it was so full we were turned away, Gold then returned twice on Sunday but they were closed even though they advertised as being open. We shall return here as it is a really lovely cocktail bar that has a fabulous  cocktail menu, which is laid out as a periodic table but for now it seems that fate is keeping us away. So we will give it a few weeks to settle down.

The staff are all wonderful, if they are wearing gold sleeve elastic that is their badge of knowledge  and  only the top bar staff earn these.  

The Alchemist is another fabulous  addition to Birmingham’s wonderful cocktail  and bar scene and is most certainly  going to be another success  with locals and visitors alike. 


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