Moon Festival 

Last night I attended the Moon festival which was in the Arcadian,China town. It was an absolutely amazing event. Possibly the best event I have attended this year. I had never seen dancing dragons or Chinese magicians  prior to last night’s Moon festival. 

VIP entry to Sobar and unlimited free drinks , some wonderful food including ribs and prawn dumplings, mingling with other bloggers and the Lord Mayor made this an extra special celebration. With all the tv’s inside having a live stream of the celebrations  as they happened outside. 

I even managed to get a photo of two dragon heads in our colours of Red and Gold! 

Gold was unable to attend as she had taken her children to visit her grandparents and I know she will be gutted she missed such a wonderful family friendly event. So I went with my husband and we had the most fun.

We arrived as the first dragon dance was finishing and I was disappointed  but a lovely lady told me they would perform again soon and they did. They were so worth the wait. We were also entertained by several different  troupes of dancing ladies, the make up and costumes  were stunning. The MC was not only entertaining but also really knowledgeable  and told us the story of a princess and a rabbit that flew to the moon, telling us what was coming next and what the street food stalls had to offer in both English and Chinese. 

The lantern parade was lovely to see, lots of children took part in this and they made their way from New Street station back to the Arcadian just after sunset. 

I must give many thanks to the Genting casino for sponsoring this fabulous  event and to fellow blogger Chris (of PolaroidsAndPolarBears) for inviting me, to Sobar for being amazing hosts and providing lovely food and drinks all night. Without a doubt we shall be returning next year as Lilly  and Lucas will love it.  The Moon festival is well worth taking the children to see. 

I love how multicultural  my beloved Birmingham  is. If anyone ever dares to tell me Birmingham  is dreary and grey I  get very defensive as it is a beautiful, vibrant and colourful city. 

We left before the fireworks finale, they is something about free wine that affects my motabalism  much more than regular drinks!  But we had still had plenty of time to enjoy all the dancers, the mind blowing magician, street food stalls and the atmosphere.  

The magician looked spectacular, and OK he was only good at one thing but it was genuinely  breathtaking. He was wore a mask and in less than the blink of an eye he changed his face. I can’t even begin to work out how but it was wonderful to watch. He performed to the crowds outside and then again inside  Sobar so I was able to get up close and see him do his thing over and over again. A truly memorable  evening for all the right reasons. 


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