Easy oven cleaning.

Yes I know oven cleaning doesn’t fall under the heading “fun around brum” but this technique  was so easy I have to share the experience.

My poor oven was minging!  I had been saying for about 3 months “I must clean the oven” but every time I went to the supermarket I forgot to buy any of that nasty oven spray that threatens to burn your skin and absolutely  chokes if you try to breath anywhere close to it, so I improvised. I had previously  used the bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar  and had OK results but upon searching  the cupboard  I had no sodi-Bic so I made up a paste of 

 White vinegar and laundry powder. I know laundry powder contains enzymes  so I figured it was worth giving it a go. 

I rarely have laundry powder in, preferring to use pods but somehow I had picked up a big box of powder. 

I’m happy with the results and as well as being easy to use, I made a paste, smeared it on, got on with some other housework, applied a wet cloth to soften the by now hardened paste and wiped clean. A couple of rinses and a polish with a paper towel  and I can open my  oven with pride. 


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