Colmore  club.

The Colmore Club is an exclusive  club located at 85 – 89 Colmore Row, although the actual entrance is tucked around the corner on Newhall street .

I had had an invite earlier in the year and as it is a members only club that is way out of my price range it was with a tinge of sadness I left the first time as I thought I would never be able to return but  a second invitation  arrived and Red and Gold headed to Birminghams newest exclusive  members only club. 

Unfortunately  for us all photography is strictly banned and I fully understand why. The  Colmore  club wants to retain its air of mystery and exclusivity so this is sadly a photo free post.

The quiet room is for business  men to work from all day, with ample power points for phones  and laptops and obviously  a quiet atmosphere  for working from throughout  the day so all phone calls must be taken outside of this area during office hours. The dining room is simply stunning with a chandelier  and a screen showing a roaring log fire. Located in what was the original  wine cellar of this beautiful and imposing  building, it has had very little done in the way of alterations.

The lounge and piano bar located at the back is the busiest area. With a fully stocked bar and knowledgeable  bar tenders this is the heart of the club.  With the same breathtaking ceiling lights that change from sunny skies to a stary night at the flick of a switch and the screen showing  the same burning log fire this is a cosy room and at no point did I feel that claustrophobic  sense of dread that some basement bars can have. 

Membership is pricey but I think it’s aimed at people who want to network and be seen to be members here. It is after all right in the heart of the business  district so should have no difficulty  filling it’s membership quota. Members get their own key fob so as to gain instant access but for us we had to use the buzzer to gain entry. 

We ended up joining a couple of other bloggers and sat in a corner just enjoying our drinks and the pianist.  Jonathan  one of the owners came round with a little tray of nibbles  and to say hello to us. I had a gin & tonic and gold had a soft drink,  prices are about the same as everywhere else in the city but the service is something special. 

All in all The Colmore Club is a lovely place and I hope it proves to be a success. We enjoyed our experience, so instead of being sad when we left this time I looked on the bright side and congratulated myself on having the opportunity  to enjoy a second visit. 


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