Chung ying central

Red and Gold  had a wonderful girlie night at Chung Ying. The food was beautiful and it is a wonderful venue for a girls night out. 

Four of us had enjoyed an evening together and it was still early (ish) when we decided we needed to eat, being on Colmore lane we opted for Ching Ying and we’re all glad we did. 

They offer a fantastic cocktail menu where the cocktails are named after the Chinese  zodiac.  Red plumped for a “Rabbit” which arrived in a martini glass, pink , citrus and frothy a Rabbit is a beautiful and very feminine cocktail.

The Dim Sum we ordered were fragrant,  soft and moist.  The Belly pork was tasty, crispy and again very moist. All the food was flawless and there was more than enough to share. 

Our night out was made all the better by being offered seats in the window,  as everyone knows the window seats are reserved for the beautiful patrons. (I think Gold is beautiful but I am allowed to be biased as I am her mum, Red) but window seats also afford a really nice view of the world. 

I   did enquire about the chicken feet on the menu, I asked “are they crispy?” our waitress said “they are soggy and chewy” mmmm, not really selling them to me there but, I will try chicken feet one day, they do seem so eccentric and possibly unique  to Chinese cuisine, although I may be wrong. Please do correct me if I am. 

I do love Dim sum and  certainly could not fault the ones I had.  Portion sizes for our meal were big and I was so pleased that our charming waitress boxed up our excess  food so I could take it home for Mr. Red. Firstly because I do hate to see good food wasted and secondly  because it eased my conscience as the lovely girlie  night out had meant I had left Mr. Red to fend for himself.

I can’t believe I have lived here for 4 years and have   dismissed Chung Ying, it certainly offers beautiful food and service in a lovely environment  and I loved our girlie night out. Maybe next time I visit it will be date night, it certainly  is date night worthy. 


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