Tapas Revolution 

Located in the fabulous space that is Grand Central shopping and dining we had our first visit to Tapas Revolution. This place is perfect for families as the staff are just super nice with children,  you know how relaxed it is when you’re on holiday and it’s late and the children really should be in bed but you’re on holiday so you go to a really nice place and the children get a bit grizzly  and the staff just make a fuss of them instead of tutting? Well that is what we experienced  at Tapas Revolution

As soon as we were all seated two small tumblers of juice and a plate of breadsticks were thrust in front of Lily-Ann and Lucas, with replacement  breadsticks to keep them happy until our meal arrived. 

It was late, the children really should have been in bed but here we were and we were never made to feel in anyway that we were bad parents for having little ones out at 8.00pm. I also loved that our lovely waitress called us “familiar” (Spanish for family) as in “enjoy your food familiar” and  “can I get you any more drinks familiar”

We all enjoy Tapas and Lily and Lucas had a good authentic  first Tapas experience.  

Plenty of choice on the table meant nobody left hungry.  Another really nice little thing was the water glasses, dumpy enough to not be easily knocked over. Tapas Revolution  is a really family friendly experience. 

The food was wonderful too, chorizo  sausage, paella,  calamari  which the kids loved! Oh and an amazing mixed tomato salad. We just ordered two different  set meals for two as we thought that would be less likely to over order and that worked out just right for three adults and two toddlers. 

Gold had to do the obligatory toilet break with Lily, and Lucas had to cry when his mum left him in our care, with a mouth full of food and tears streaming from his poor tired red eyes even then the waiter was trying to make our little man smile, now that is family friendly as even I wanted to tut at aforementioned  grizzly child and he was with me!  

As we had such super, service and Tapas Revolution  is so family friendly, as the food was so nice and the location is great I know we will be returning lots. With enough food for four adults, wine and beers and at under £70  I think we may have found yet another family favorite.

Whilst Tapas Revolution was most definitely a child friendly restaurant unfortunately for our first visit here our children were not restaurant  friendly. 


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